The Lion's Roar

News & Events for Lincoln Families | August 30th, 2019



  • Labor Day -- No School -- September 2nd

  • (PTO Sponsored) Lincoln Parents Happy Hour 5:00-7:00pm Murphy's 7414 West Madison, Forest Park -- September 6th

  • CORRECTION: Picture Day - September 10th

  • Curriculum Night -- September 11th -- (Details to follow)

  • PTO Back to School Picnic – September 13th – 5:00-7:30pm – Maple Park

  • Discussion of Liaison Group for Developing Our Spanish Immersion Program - September 25th from 6:00-8:00pm


  • Coffee & Conversation with Principal Zaniolo (Roundtable discussion format) -- 3 Sessions: October 15, 17, & 23 from 6:00-8:00pm

A Message From Principal Zaniolo...

Hello Lincoln Families,

These last weeks have been a harrowing finish construction, prepare the building, prepare the learning spaces, and redesign and reset our school-wide expectations and procedures. We are taking big steps in building on the strengths of our school to create an even more positive experience for all of our Lions and their families. There has been so much hard work, dedication, and sweat put into this effort and I just want to pause and say...THANK YOU.

We had over 50 volunteers come last weekend to help teachers prepare classrooms and our media center. We have had construction and custodial crews working nearly around the clock to finish our amazing new spaces and polish our existing spaces. Teachers took on the challenge of limited time and herculean effort to prepare the space, learning, and logistics for our Lions' first day back. This has truly been a race to the starting line. It is a race that we are all running together.

Thank you for your support, partnership, and commitment to making our school a great place for all of our Lions!

Laura Zaniolo

(she / her / hers)

Lincoln Lion & Principal

Abraham Lincoln Elementary

First Week Of Learning At Lincoln!!!

Our Lions Are Learning School-wide Expectations & Routines

On Wednesday, every grade level met with Ms. Zaniolo for a community meeting and went to stations in our new lunchroom and our recess area. Our Lions learned about the expectations of the school, their classrooms, and our common spaces. They also learned about our new attention signals. If any adult raises their hand, all Lions and staff will also raise their hands and turn their volume level down to a level zero (silent). This is important to be able to do in five seconds (and we do count down from five) so that our young lions learn to give their attention quickly.They also learned some call and response cues such as, "Lions!" "Yes!" and "Hands and Eyes." These fun signals are examples of ways we will teach our Lions to quickly give their attention and use full body listening during their learning.

Setting these expectations and routines are an important first step to building a culture of calm, consistency, and clear communication. Take a look at some of the slides Ms. Zaniolo used in our grade level community meetings to introduce our students to what being a Lincoln Lion is all about. Lincoln Lions THINK critically, FEEL compassionately, COMMUNICATE authentically, and ACT courageously,

We will continue to practice our routines and help all of our Lions meet the expectations that create a great culture and climate for our school. Check out the video below to also see our new Lincoln Lion CHEER...rather...ROAR!!!

"From The Lion's Den | Your Child's Teacher Edition"

This year, we are committed to creating a consistent communication experience for all Lincoln families. You are such an important partner for us in helping your Lion grow to their fullest potential. We want to make sure you have a clear snapshot of the learning taking place in the classroom.

Beginning this week, you should receive a communication from your Lion(s)' teacher. In these communications, you will be given updates from the teacher regarding classroom news, rules, important routines, units of study, celebrations, upcoming assessments/tests, events/announcements, and information on how to contact/communicate with your Lion's teacher. Your partnership is a critical piece of your Lion's learning.

Emergency Drills

We will be practicing an evacuation (fire) drill next week. When we perform these drills, we do not announce when they will take place. I will give you a heads up when one is approaching, but not a specific date. I will then follow up with a brief email to you, letting you know the drill was performed and how we did.

As for real emergencies, such as the incident that took place this week, these are the steps you can expect me to take.

  1. Initiate necessary precautionary measures/safety protocols (e.g. soft lockdown)
  2. Notify necessary authorities
  3. Notify district's safety and security team
  4. Work with authorities and team to contain the situation
  5. Wait for an "all clear" signal from authorities
  6. Communicate with families as soon as possible with a brief description of the incident, actions taken, outcome, and next steps (if needed)

My first priority will always be ensuring the safety of our children, staff, and visitors. Thank you for your support and feedback in these matters.

Say CHEESE! - Picture Day Is Around The Corner (September 9th)

Picture day forms will be sent home with Lions on Tuesday!

Home Avenue Pedestrian Bridge - Temporary Closure

If you normally use the pedestrian bridge at Home Ave. there is a scheduled closure that will impact your morning route to Lincoln. Please read the communication linked below.

Home Avenue Pedestrian Bridge - Temporary Closure

Previously Communicated Information...

Lincoln Is Hiring for Lunch & Recess Supervisors

If you are interested in joining the Lincoln Lion team and helping our Lions have a safe and enjoyable lunch/recess, please contact Ms. Zaniolo. You can apply for the position through the District 97 website (link below). Look under "Support Staff" and find the "Playground/Lunch Supervisor" position for Abraham Lincoln Elementary.

Medication & Documentation Drop off

Message from Nurse Donovan...

A warm welcome to all new Lincoln Lions, and welcome back to our returning Lions and families!

If your child needs to receive a scheduled prescription medication or over-the-counter medication at school during the school year, you will need to provide a new Physician’s Order at the start of each new school year. (Please use the District 97 Licensed Prescriber Authorization Form for this purpose).

In addition, students with health issues such as asthma, allergies, or seizure disorders will need to have a new Emergency Action Plan provided by their physician with each new school year. Other significant medical issues may need written physician directives as well. Please contact the Lincoln School Nurse if you have any questions about this.

You may obtain and print blank District 97 Licensed Prescriber Authorization Forms through the links on the District 97 web page for Health Services: You will also find blank Emergency Action Plans on that page.

*See links under Important Forms for Prescription Authorization Form, and for the respective Action Plan(s).

After the physician completes the District 97 Licensed Prescriber Authorization Form(s), please review the form, sign the consent section at the bottom, and return it to the school with the respective medication(s) at the start of the school year in August. Please remember that all medications must be in their original box/container - i.e., the pharmacy prescription label must be intact on the box/container, for all prescription medications (including inhalers), and a supply of medication must be in the original box/container, for over-the-counter medications. Expired medications will not be accepted.

Please call me if you have any questions.


Georgia Donovan, R.N., BSN, CSN


2019-2020 Student Fees

Student fees may be paid beginning July 1 and are due by September 30, 2019

· Elementary Grades K – 2 $160

· Elementary Grades 3 – 5 $180

Student fee payments can be paid online at by selecting WebStore under Payments tab. You can also pay directly via The preferred method of payment is online but you may also pay by check or cash attached to the appropriate fee form. Fee forms are available at, at the schools, and at the District Office. For more information regarding student fees, please contact the Business Office at (708) 524-7625.

Please note that students qualifying for free or reduced lunch may be considered for a school fee reduction or waiver based on economic hardship. If you are applying for free or reduced-price meals, then it is important to complete the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Application and submit to your student’s school or to the Business Office as soon as possible to ensure timely processing. These applications must be filled out on an annual basis and are available online at, at the individual schools, and at District 97 Administrative Office located at 260 Madison. For additional information regarding the foodservice program or the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Application, please call (708) 524-7629.

If you have applied for a fee waiver, please wait for approval before paying fees.

Celebrating the Lincoln Team

Families, have you noticed a Lincoln teacher or staff member who deserves a compliment or a thank you? Has this person made a difference for your Lion? Please share the reason in a brief message to me using this link, WeAreAllLions!, so that we may recognize and thank them!

Contact Our Lincoln PTO