Austin Figure Skating Club

Newsletter - May/June 2020

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Our Mission

The club was organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Among its purposes are to encourage the instruction, practice, and advancement of the various disciplines of figure skating, to encourage good sportsmanship, cultivate a spirit of fraternal feeling among its members, and to carry out the general policies of U.S. Figure Skating.

President's Note

Dear Skaters, Coaches and Friends,

The support of all of the members has continued to make Austin Figure Skating Club a success. I am proud and humbled to represent Austin Figure Skating Club for another two years. We have exciting events on the horizon. Stay tuned.


Cindy Chapa

Newsletter Overview

-Membership Renewel

-Test Sessions

-Zoom trainings

-Alix's workouts

-Adult Zone

-Super Nova

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We are very proud of you for pressing on and crossing the finish line!

2020-2021 Membership year is July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

Membership Categories

Introductory Bridge/Renewing Bridge - has never taken a US Figure Skating Test (excluding LTS tests) and is under 18. Membership fee includes sponsor.

Adult Bridge/Renewing Adult Bridge - Same as Bridge but over 18 and doesn't need a sponsor.

Senior - Skating member over the age of 18.

Junior w/ Sponsor - Skating member under 18. Membership fee includes sponsor.

Additional Skating Member - when there are 2 or more skaters in a family, use this category for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. skaters. No additional sponsor is needed if you have more than one skater.

Collegiate - Skater enrolled as a full-time College Student. It is a 4 year membership.

Additional Non-Skating Member - usually when a 2nd parent joins. First parent (or sponsoring adult) is included in membership fee when a sponsor is required.

Coach Member - must teach private lessons and be a member of PSA. LTS only coaches are not eligible for this membership.

Click on link:

Upcoming Test sessions

Sunday July 19, 2020
6:00 AM

Chaparral Ice Center

Registration link below

Sunday, August 16, 2021

6:00 AM


Registration for this session not opened yet.

Congratulations to the 58 skaters who passed tests in 2019-2020!

Ainsley Harris, Aleena Khatum, Alexandra Sasha Hospital, Allie Shi, Amanda Tavares

Amaya Yanaze, Andrew Meng, Anna Boboia, Anne Marie Chien, Annika Dawson

Annikka Xu, Antasha Havenga, Ava Sadasivan, Ayaka Chao, BRIGID HARDY, Camille Mei

Caroline White, Charlotte Drake, Chelsea Howe, Dawn Crowder-Dudley, Elise Little, Ella Pryor

Gabi Pearce, Gardenia Liu, Georgeanna Hoey, Gloria Meng, Grace Mauk, Grace Zeng,

Heather Cooke, Jeannette Okur, Jennifer Zhang, Jessica Hutchinson, Jessica Villanueva

Kelly Liang, Ken Manalo, Krista Drako, Lauren Shi, Leila Smith, Lydia Gardner, Madison Likins

Malaina Johnson, Maya Pacheco, Michelle Martinez, Miina Hoyle, Mikayla Yu,

Nadia Verlinsky, Phuoc Jaydin Ngo, Rebecca Trevathan, Rhea Nelson, Samantha Hanna

Shahar Yaacob, Shuangjie Zhou, Sophia Zhang, Wanchen Goode, Yuval Yaacob, Alix Vargo

Tristan Yacktman, Noa Syed

Zoom Training

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Jump Techique Registration Link

$30.00 for AFSC Members & $40.00 for Non-Club Members

Alix's Workouts for Skaters

180 Dead Pistol
Every skater is first and foremost, an athlete. Figure skating training cannot be specific to the sport if basic athletic qualities are lacking. It is such a repetitive, demanding sport that the lack of proper conditioning will lead to injury quickly. Below is an example video from the 3-part series Alix provided us with during the lockdown. There are 3 full sessions, available on the AFSC website, in sections. These are all level base workouts.
AFSC Workout 1 - Part 1

Generalized Programming Available for Skaters

Based on age, skating level, and sport-specific past.

There are specific athletic qualities (speed, power, strength, flexibility) that are most ideally capitalized on during certain age ranges. Alix has created a baseline program for skaters to begin developing athletic prowess, increased body awareness, and improved technique focus. Learning a basic hinge, for example, is absolutely essential for any figure skater, and it is much less dangerous and more effective to learn on the ground than on the ice. The program is 6-weeks long and split into 3 groups:

1) Bronze Level:

  • Recommended Age: 5-12, Recreational Adult
  • Jump Level: Single Jumps (not including single axel)
  • Freestyle Level: Preliminary and below, Adult Silver and Below
  • Moves in the Field Level: Preliminary and below, Adult Silver and Below

2) Silver Level:

  • Recommended Age: 11-16, Recreational Adult
  • Jump Level: Single Axel and some double jumps
  • Freestyle Level: Preliminary - Juvenile, Adult Silver - Adult Gold
  • Moves in the Field Level: Pre-Juvenile - Intermediate, Adult Gold +

3) Gold Level:

  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Jump Level: Double Jumps
  • Freestyle Level: Intermediate - Senior
  • Moves in the Field Level: Novice and Above
  • Previous experience as a competitive athlete*

B Group - Monday 1.3
D Group - Thursday 1.5

Custom Programming Available for Skaters

Link to webpage coming soon.

All skaters have different needs, and they are not necessarily always addressed in group training. For a $75 fee, Alix offers a 1-1.5 hour long athletic skill evaluation where she determines the strengths and weaknesses of your skater. After email discussion about schedule, price range, and current arrangements, you will receive an email with the following:

1) A summary of the evaluation notes, including the strengths, weaknesses, and athletic baseline markers of the skater that were measured.

2) A list of 2-3 programming options that fit closely within the bounds of schedule, price range, and current training arrangements.

If a skater is recovering from injury, she can take the physical therapy regimen and appropriately advance it once the athlete is cleared by the therapist.

Below is an example of a workout created for an AFSC skater.

NOTE** this is for her specific needs, and is not suitable for everyone.

Annikka Xu - Sat 2.1 and 2 .2
Contact for more information

Nutrition Breakdown: Are you or your athlete getting the right nutrients?

Food is fuel, and an athletes body needs premium fuel to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Please visit the site below for more general information regarding nutrition and eating habit questions.

Questions about your eating habits? Your athlete's eating habits? Are they getting enough fuel? Too much fuel? The right type of fuel?

Send inquiries to

Autumn Classic FS Competition

Autumn Classic 2020: Date TBA
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Welcome to the Adult Zone

Hello my wonderful Adult Skaters!

Many of you know me from around the rink. I started skating a little over 7 years ago as an adult. I am a competitive skater, and I am very active in our Austin Figure Skating Club. Adult skaters are close to my heart and I hope I can facilitate more activities for us.

If you are 18 years old and older, and are a member of AFSC, you are automatically a member enrolled in the AFSC's new "Adult Zone", #adultsskatetoo. No need to do anything but participate and have fun!

Adults are a big part of AFSC. There are 55 adult members out of the 243 total memberships. This includes all Senior and Collegiate members.

This year we are offering a variety of Zoom off-ice trainings, seminars, clinics, social meetings, showcases and competition opportunities that are geared solely for the Adult skaters.

Jump Technique with Alex Volpicelli

The first scheduled activity the Club is offering is a series of fantastic training sessions for us adults! The series will be four Sundays from 5pm to 6pm starting next Sunday June 7. The cost is $30 for all 4 sessions! This series is limit to 20 skaters and we members get first dibs! If you enjoyed Brian Orser you'll love this too!

Follow the link below to get more information about Alex and the series, and to sign up:

"Resilience" with PAUL WYLIE

The next scheduled activity will be another off-ice Zoom training for adults with Paul Wylie!

Paul is an American figure skater, a 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist and a PSA Master-Rated coach. Based in North Carolina, he frequently tours doing seminars around the world. Details and registration to come!

Stephanie Schmid

AFSC Adult Zone Committee Chair

512-797-1368 text or call

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Super Novas are open to all members currently in FS6 and below, and have not yet passed
Pre-Preliminary Moves! We meet during club ice the first Friday of every month during the school year. Our time on the ice is full of fun games, and the activities are designed to challenge the skaters' skills in a fun and playful environment. Club ice is currently on hold due to COVID-19 concerns, and we will let you know when club ice is back on schedule. Please visit for all the great zoom training activities Austin Figure Skating Club is offering!

Austin Figure Skating Club

The Austin Figure Skating Club (AFSC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that promotes the sport of Figure Skating in the Greater Austin area.

AFSC is the only US Figure Skating Association member club in the Greater Austin area.