Finding Great Canvas

Finding Great Canvas Prints in London Ontario Canada

Finding Great Canvas Prints in London Ontario Canada

When looking for quality canvas prints Canada there can be a lot choices, but which companies provide the best quality for value is what a lot of consumers ask themselves. Not all print makers, sellers and distributors offer quality prints and there are a number of things as a consumer that you should be aware of before ordering, spending loads of cash and hanging that precious print.

How to choose a quality print

Choosing canvas prints London Ontario or anywhere in Canada can be a challenge with the hundreds of options available, especially with large commercial cheap printers in big box stores. Finding the right quality supplier starts with understanding how a quality print is made.

Canvas quality – the first and most important aspect of canvas prints is the stock used to print on. This canvas should be archival quality, free from acid and be matched with appropriate printers modulated for those specific canvases. Using canvas that does not receive a certain printers ink well will show in the quality of the print. A great printer should have quality canvas meant to be used with specific quality printers. Most professional canvas print producers use an oxford weave in their canvas.

Print quality – the second most important aspect of getting quality prints is understanding that getting the best print quality of inks on canvas is a process, which the best printers are constantly evaluating. Using archival quality inks designed to be used with the right printers and adjusting ink levels to ensure a quality print. Examining the fine details of the print quality will show fuzzy areas in high saturation points in the picture details like hair.

Framing quality – The next major facet in the manufacturing process is making sure the canvas is mounted on quality wood framing and stretched properly to avoid warbling in the canvas, bends and loose canvas. How is the frame supposed to be hung? It should come with quality hanging hardware, preferably already installed and ready to be hung. Another option that can really make certain canvas prints stand out is having a solid foam core with a covered backing, ensuring that the canvas will not easily succumb to bending and warping over time. Open and hollow backed canvas prints are more susceptible to these conditions.

Price – this is a last consideration, as long as you are comparing similar quality pieces, construction and printing qualities then of course the lower price should be considered.

With these major considerations in hand, you now know what to look for when purchasing canvas prints in London, Ontario. By understanding that a quality product will outlast their cheap counterparts, you can make an informed choice.

Retailer Policies

The other major consideration when buying prints, frames and canvas pictures concerns the retailer of the prints. Buying prints in small shops limits selection and ultimately the quality of the end product and possibly even having bought an item that is already significantly aged due to sitting on a shelf, important when considering canvas print options. Retailer policies can also often affect your buying decision such as:

What types of shipping policies are offered? The gold standard of shipping policies allows for returns within a certain time frame for any reason, if the buyer pays for shipping. If the item arrives damage or defective than the company should accept a return with free shipping.

Does the supplier of the print offer additional upgrades, such as coatings to preserve the canvas print, or upgrading to foam core and backed canvas prints? These options add expense but also longevity to canvas prints.

A supplier with an extensive collection of prints available for shipping and specializing in canvas prints will often be a better choice because of their ability to keep up with current technological and design trends.

Be assured your retailer of fine canvas prints Canada can provide comprehensive answers to all your questions regarding their policies and quality of their operation. The lowest common denominator in canvas prints often also equals a print that will not outlast its photo-print cousins.