Virtual Resume

By: Maninder Kalirone

Academic Smart Goal

S: I am going to achieve a 95 percent average by the time I graduate in June 2018, so I can attend Schulich University.

M: I will track my progress through progress reports and my midterm marks. I can then assess how hard I need to work to achieve a 95% average.

A: I will achieve this by studying and practicing everyday for at least 2 hours for my main subjects such as Math and Business. This is because math and business courses are mandatory for Schulich University. I will also seek for help when needed, and I will ask as many questions as I need in all my courses.

R: This is a realistic goal because I currently have an 89% average, and if I work hard enough in these 2 years I can achieve a 95% average.

T: I will start working on this goal from now all the way to June 2018. I will achieve 90% average by the end of grade 10, and then work harder by the end of grade 12.

Volunteer Smart Goal

S: I will achieve 250 volunteer hours by January 2018, in order to easily get accepted to Schulich University.

M: I will track my hours by keeping track of how many hours I have completed at the end of every 3 months. This way I can determine whether I am on track to meet my goal.

A: I will achieve this goal by volunteering at a religious place close to my house. I will go and volunteer on weekends when I am free of homework. I will also diversify the places I volunteer, so therefore I will also volunteer at a old age home near Sandalwood and Bramalea.

R: This is a realistic goal because I have already volunteered for 75 hours at a NDP campaign, so I can ultimately achieve 250 hours by graduation.

T: I will start from now, and will have my hours completed by first semester of grade 12 in order to be in the safe zone.

Future Pathways

Future Resume


32 Saintsbury Crescent, Brampton, ON L6R 2V9

Cell: 647-620-1713


· Seeking for a full time position of an Accountant at CIBC Bank to accumulate work experience


University of Schulich, Toronto, Ontario 2022-2023

· Masters of Accounting (MAcc)

· Academic Honours–Received a GPA of 6.9

· Completed CPA designation along with the program

University of Schulich, Toronto, Ontario 2018-2022

· Undergraduate Degree, Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)

· Achieved an exceptional GPA of 7.5

· Participated in the campus Basketball Team

Louise Arbour Senior Secondary School, Brampton, Ontario Sept 2014 – June 2018

· Received the Ontario Secondary School Diploma

· Received and maintained Academic Honors all four years


· Flexible – Willing to try new things and am interested in improving efficiency on tasks.

· Attention to Detail – Concerned with quality. Produce work that is orderly and attractive. Ensure tasks are completed correctly and on time.

· Hard-working – Determined to complete assigned tasks with efficiency and dedication.

· Computer skills – Experienced with programs such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Email.

· Communication skills – Easy to communicate and determined to provide the best service.


Accounting Internship | Deloitte Finance Group | Toronto, ON ML5 1B1 2022-2023

· Assisted professionals in the field of accounting

· Prepared and presented analysis based on financial reports

· Obtained time management skills, as completing reports on time was a crucial necessity

Part-time Sales Associate | SportChek | Brampton, ON L6T 3R6 2019-2021

· Assisted customers locate desired items in a kind manner

· Processed transactions and kept track of money

· Attention to detail was required when dealing with customers

Part-time Cashier | Tim Hortons | Brampton, ON L6R 2V7 2017-2018

· Managed money and orders working as the head cashier

· Required to be detail oriented while dealing with money

· Accumulated communication skills through customers and co-workers


· Academic Honours – Received an outstanding GPA of 7.5 during Bachelor’s Degree at Schulich University 2018-2022

· Honour Roll Certificates – Obtained above 80% average throughout all four years in high school 2014-2018

· ACTS Award – Showed outstanding commitment to achieve my goals Nov, 2013

· Excellence Award – Participated in the Amazing Race June, 2013

· Mathematics Award – Participated in a Math Contest Pythagoras June, 2012


Live Long Basketball Association – 30 Hours March, 2017

· Volunteered as a coach for children’s basketball games

· Trained adolescents in preparation for games

· Developed the skills of leadership and responsibility

NDP Campaign – 90 Hours Sept - Oct, 2015

· Helped promote the campaign

· Educated the community members about the purpose of the campaign to earn their votes

· Trained other to safely promote the campaign


Mr. P. Smith

30 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5L 1B1

Deloitte Finance Group, Manager

905-445 -2043

Prof. J. Pattison

111 Ian MacDonald Blvd, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

University of Schulich, Professor


Harbaljit Kahlon

470 Chrysler Dr #18, Brampton, ON L6S 0C1

NDP Canada, Candidate


My Challenges and Solutions

In a profession such as accounting, there are many challenges an individual may encounter on a daily basis. One of these challenges includes completing work on time. Accountants are individuals that carry the responsibility of completing their work on time for clients. However, if they fail to do so, their reputation as an accountant may be compromised. This potentially leads them to having very tight schedules and stress as their deadlines are non-negotiable. Now, there are many possible ways of dealing with stress, however the best solution for accountants is to create a weekly schedule. Through creating a schedule, accountants will always be aware of their deadlines, and upcoming events for the week. This allows them to plan ahead accordingly and complete unfinished work as the schedule provides them information on deadlines. Overall, creating a schedule will eliminate the problem of stress on accountants because they will be organized and aware of their upcoming events.

Another challenge that may arise for accountants includes focusing under pressure. Accountants are constantly working hard to make sure every little detail of their work is perfect, and this may lead them to working long hours or working under a tight deadline. Accountants on average deal with a lot of large numbers and must be precise throughout their calculations. They must also be able to use their expertise to insure no data or calculation represents improper data. When an individual is under such pressure they may panic hence, making it difficult to focus. The best solution for this problem is to take tiny interval breaks after a certain period of time. For example, an accountant may work thirty minutes straight, and then may take a small five minute break. This allows them to stay calm and work effectively, as they will have a small break to rest their minds. Studies have proven it is better to work with tiny intervals, rather than working straight for long hours as no focus will be lost. In conclusion, tiny intervals will allow accountants to precisely complete their work, as they will be more focused and determined.