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Blackman Elementary Newsletter - April 2016

Congratulations to Lauren Bigelow

Congratulations to Lauren Bigelow for being selected to represent Blackman Elementary School at the Rutherford County School Board. Lauren's art was selected to be displayed as decoration at the Rutherford County School Board Building for the upcoming year. Congratulations to Lauren for her hard work. Thank you Mrs. Thompson and Ms. Fitzpatrick for all your hard work and dedication to the Art instruction at our school.
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Hoops for Heart

We are excited to announce that Blackman Elementary School raised $4,676.00 for the American Heart Association during the Hoops for Heart event. Thanks to each of you for your help to raise money for such a worthy cause. We especially want to thank Mrs. Reed and Mr. McCleary for their hard to work coordinating this event.

THANK YOU to Everyone for a Successful Testing Session for TN Ready Part I

Thank you to all our faculty, staff, families, volunteers, and community members for their hard work and dedication to a successful testing session for TN Ready Part I. We could not have done it with each of you and your support. We look forward to testing SAT-10 for Second Grade and TN Ready Part II for Third through Fifth Grade beginning later this month.

You can help with testing by being good P.A.R.E.N.T.S.

P - PARTICIPATE Participate in your child’s learning activities. Studies have shown that parent participation and influence have long-term positive effects on student performance.

A - ASSIST Assist the educational process by discussing with your child the importance of being actively engaged with learning activities and working to his or her highest possible potential.

R - REASSURE Reassure your child that this assessment measures learning and will be used by teachers to better improve instruction.

E - ENCOURAGE Encourage your child to get a good night’s rest, not just before the assessment but daily, in order to receive optimum benefits from educational opportunities.

N - NOURISH Provide opportunities for your child to grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

T - TEACH Teach your child to do his or her best in all settings, not just assessment situations.

S - SUPPORT Support your child’s continued educational progress by modeling.

Mark Your Calendars:

SAT - 10 Testing for 2nd Grade:

Monday - April 25, 2016 through Thursday - April 28, 2016

TN Ready Part II for Grades 3 - 5:

Monday - May 2, 2016 through Friday - May 6, 2016

TN Ready Part II will include ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science

As we prepare of upcoming assessments, please remember Homework Hotline can be a very helpful resource.

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