Memory in a Flash

Mikaela Pritchard

Why Flashbulb memory is interesting to me...

Having vivid memories that you remember your entire life is why I find this topic very interesting. When researching about Flashbulb memory I've learned that the emotion behind the memory is what mainly causes you to retain the memory so well. Researching this topic can help you learn more about how your memory works and can maybe even help you retain information for an up coming test you're studying for.

How to get good memory in a flash!

One way that Flashbulb memory is retained so well, is telling the memory over and over again. This helps you not forget little parts of the memory and can even help you remember more of the memory. The memory being personally significant or highly distinctive also helps your brain recall detail of memories.

What is going on in your brain during the flash of information??

The amygdala, which is the emotional control center, affects the long-term memories and how they are being stored. The stress hormones are what influence the amygdala. Having a shocking experience or a traumatic experience helps make the memory vivid compared to the humdrum occurrences of daily life.

Emotion, Memory, and Attention in the Taboo Stroop Experiment

In this Experiment, Donald MacKay and Marat Ahmetzanov of UCLA, put words on the screen, there was a mixture of neutral words along with taboo words (cuss words). the taboo words would appear in the same place on the screen each time, where as the neutral words would appear in random locations through out the screen. After doing this, most of the participants remembered where the taboo words were more than the neutral words. This indicates that the taboo words hold more emotion to them, making it easier for you to remember.

Want to know more about how to get your memory in a flsh??

Interesting information

Flashbulb memory is when you can actually remember where you were and what you were doing during an event such as a wedding, graduation, child birth, death of a family member, or remembering high school. You will also be able to remember how you felt or how meaningful the event was to you.