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March 1-5

From the Principal's Desk!


Dear Parents,

As a community it was a difficult time for many of us without power and water, great to have true friends that we could lean on during difficult times, who opened their doors to our families in need. We are glad we are past that phase of inclement weather. It was great to have children on camps the past week and we are all excited and are looking forward to finishing the year strong.


1.We are in the 5th Grading period ( Feb 22- Apr 9) and not too far from the end of the academic year (May 26)!!

2. Report Cards for the 4th Grading Period is available online.

3. Spring Break is not too far : Mar 15- Mar 19 ( Plan for a great vacation with family and friends)

4. Parents' if your child needs additional academic support ( either to accelerate or need help catching up-our teachers are available to help, both during school and after school).

Elementary School

Ms. Harris' First Grade " Black History Month" Activities

Ms. Harris' 1st graders studied Black History Month by reading a book over Martin Luther King. We also made wreaths with cut outs of our hands and attached a poem that says "This isn't just our hands, as anyone can see, It's a flower of friendship of peace and harmony."
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Ms. Nasr's Second Grade Class

FOR SCIENCE!!! Students will need 1 empty toilet paper roll or empty paper towel roll by Wednesday.

Reading-Jack and the Beanstalk

Math- 2 dimensional shapes and 3 dimensional shapes

Science- Plant characteristics

Social Studies-More government Studies weekly-week 22

Project Time! Second grade was given an open ended project assignment for March to have on display for open house in April! They are able to choose any science or social studies topic they would like and create something about it. Tri-fold information board, soda bottle biographies, timelines, maps, science experiments. Talk with your child about what they would like to show off. They were super excited when we talked about it in class this week and everyone had an idea of what they wanted to work on. Open house will be early April.

Helpful tips!

---Two of the things students quickly forget how to do in math is count money and read the hands of a clock. We have already finished our money unit and students can always use the practice of counting out change in pockets or piggy banks to you. We will be going in to our time and measurement unit soon. Have your student tell you the time on an analog clock randomly through the day to start to familiarize them with the clock hands and the minute ticks!

---Math things we have worked on this year: Number sense (base-10), comparing numbers, ordering numbers, place value, 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, fractions of a whole, fractions beyond 1 whole, multiplication, division, word problems, money.

--Math and reading practice sites for home and school: ixl (

code HUNTON login through CLEVER

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Ms. Thompson's Spanish Class

This week in Spanish class, students saw Fredi, the bearded dragon. They were amazed with his growth, and some students were slightly grossed out with him eating roaches. Ms. Rayner’s Kinder class helped pick “dientes de león” – dandelions – for Fredi! We all enjoyed the beautiful afternoon weather earlier this week!

All grade levels have chosen a finger puppet “pet” for a unit on Responsibility which will entail taking care of their pet, self, and friends, as well as touch upon benefits of having a pet and caring for the environment. Today, 4th graders researched the habitat of their pet and created a habitat out of felt. 1st and 2nd graders have already drawn their pet habitat and the 2nd graders started writing basic sentences describing their pets and what they eat.

Ms. Rayner’s Kinder class helped pick “dientes de león” – dandelions – for Fredi! We all enjoyed the beautiful afternoon weather earlier this week!
Ms. Rayner’s Kinder class helped pick “dientes de león” – dandelions – for Fredi!

Middle School

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO Corner)

The PTAA North Dallas Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is ready to launch! Please refer to the PTO's new website ( to sign up as a PTO member. You also have the option to nominate yourself (or someone else) for a PTO Board or Chair position. Role descriptions are listed on the site. Nomination forms are due by Friday Mar 12th, and we will hold our first general membership meeting in April. In a few days, we will release a video with additional information. Please join us on this exciting journey!