News of Note for the Class of 2014 for September


CONGRATULATIONS! You made it! You are a SENIOR! The question that everyone keeps asking is "Where are you going to college?" or "What will you do next year?" It is the job of your high school counselor to help you answer that question - so if you people are driving you nuts and you don't have all of the answers - stop by Student Services and have a conversation with Mrs. Weber.

Maybe you already have all of the answers - but you just don't know when you need to do what. Be sure that you pay close attention to this newsletter as I have included a timeline, open houses dates, and other important information just for you to help you make the most out of your senior year!

One other thing - be sure that celebrate the ordinary this year. You are only a senior in high school once. Take notice of the people around you! You will remember your friends - but reach out to the quiet ones, make contact with the people that you have always wanted to talk to but were just too afraid to. Be kind to all of your classmates - because you never know who will be your boss one day!


You are a senior! Congratulations! With this honor comes great responsibility! You might be wondering what step to take first – here are a few ideas…(this is of course only a suggestion of a timeline to consider).

September – October VISIT COLLEGES & APPLY TO 3-5 COLLEGES YOU ARE INTERESTED IN that offer the major you are interested in pursuing! RE-TAKE THE ACT (only after you have practiced!) – ESPECIALLY if you are in need of recovering benchmarks (ENGLISH 18, MATH 19, READING 20).

November – December Think about funding – compare and contrast the costs of your top 3-5 colleges. Begin the scholarship search process. Keep in mind there are LOCAL/COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIPS (Eastern specific & Louisville area scholarships) NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS (usually from corporate sponsors) and SCHOOL-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS (this would be the college/university you are interested in attending).

January 1 Wish your friends and family HAPPY NEW YEAR – and then log on to the FASFA and submit your ESTIMATED returns. SERIOUSLY – DO IT BEFORE YOU RETURN TO SCHOOL FROM THE HOLIDAY BREAK! SIT DOWN WITH YOUR PARENTS AND TAKE CARE OF THIS! You cannot do it on December 31st – the first opportunity is January 1st. Submit the FASFA even if you don’t think that you will qualify! REMEMBER the one thing that the FASFA will want to know is the answer to this question – WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO GO TO COLLEGE? That is why this HAS to be the first question you answer. Once you know where you are going – you will then know how much it will cost and how much the government or the college/university will support you and more answers will fall into place.

February – March This is the time to focus on housing, deposits, and ORIENTATIONS. Plus this is also the time that more and more of the local/community scholarships are coming due. Check the SCHOLARSHIP drawer AND EDMODO often!

April – May Enjoy the last few weeks of high school! Celebrate and cherish the ordinary! The CLASS of 2014 an extraordinary group. Make the time to remember what has made Eastern so special to you.

June GRADUATION! YOU MADE IT! Enough said!

July-August Pack your bags – get ready to go to college and begin the cycle all over again as a freshmen! You thought high school was great – College is even better!

Check the weekly e-mail for the latest on all things Eastern!


If you need a transcript - be sure to stop by Mrs. Williams's desk and pick up a copy of the STUDENT TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM! Our transition to PARCHMENT has been delayed. We are still hoping to make this transition in the next few weeks - but until we do, you will have to submit the paper.

ZAPS ACT Prep Class

Monday, Sep. 30th, 2:30pm to Tuesday, Oct. 1st, 2:30pm

12400 Old Shelbyville Road

Louisville, KY

ZAPS is a provider for ACT preparation. Students are encoraged to go to ZAPS.COM to register for the class. At the workshop, students will receive tips, techniques, and stratigies to increase their ACT score. The cost of the workshop is $79.00.



Attending College Open Houses and making college visits is a good way to start exploring the type of college you would like to attend. This is the best time of year to start this process – it is not too late! Please check the college or university website to verify this information and to receive more info on attending an open house.

Asbury University – Nov. 7/8 Jan. 23/24 March 27/28

Bellarmine University – Oct 6./Jan 26

Butler University – Sept. 28/Oct. 14/Nov. 1

Campbellsville University – Sept. 21/Nov. 2

Eastern Kentucky University – Oct. 5/Oct. 26/Nov. 9/Nov. 23/ Feb. 1

Georgetown College – Oct. 11

University of Evansville – Oct. 5/Nov. 9

Kentucky State University – Nov. 9

IU Southeast – Nov. 9/March 8

Morehead State University – Oct. 5/ Nov. 2

Murray State University – Sept. 18/Nov. 23/Mar. 29

Northern Kentucky University – Oct. 26/Nov. 9

Sullivan University – Oct. 19

Thomas More College – Sept. 28

Transylvania University – Sept. 28

University of Kentucky – Sept. 26 7 p.m. in Louisville (Preview Night) Check website for more info.

University of Louisville – Oct. 12 or check website to schedule a visit

Western Kentucky University – Oct. 1 Louisville Open House/ check website to schedule a visit

If a school of interest to you is not listed, check the website for its dates for visits. Eastern encourages you to make visits on non-school days. As always, in order to attend an excused college visit during a school day, you must have an educational enhancement form approved no later than one week in advance of the event. See Ms. Harris in attendance for that form and return it for approval to the principal.


The next ACT will be offered on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26! Remember, you must register before Friday, SEPTEMBER 27th at midnight. Please keep in mind - this is traditionally the most popular test date of the year. If you are interested in registering - do so early! Go to www.actstudent.org. Remember, if you are a student on fee waiver, see Mrs. Weber to get a fee waiver paper for the ACT!

Keep in Touch!

Heidi Weber, Senior Counselor


12400 Old Shelbyville Road

Louisville, KY 40243

PHONE: 502.485.8596 (direct) 502.485.8243 (school) FAX: 502.485.6082