Happy Friday

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Chambers Cheer

Monday Staff Meeting

Please remember that Mr. Chambers will be in the building on Monday afternoon to visit with all staff. This morning you will find some items he would like you to review prior to this meeting. Please plan on staying at least 45 minutes to hear from our fabulous leader, HD Chambers.

Shining STAAR

Thank you

Today is the last day we will test students for STAAR. Huge thank you to both counselors for their work on making this entire week successful. Thank you to all the support staff that were so flexible and pleasant when we had to make changes, move things around, and for just being on the go all day long to support our student's success!

Job Well Done!


Just a reminder we are still testing today, so please make sure students move about the hallways quietly since you may not know what areas of the building we have testing going on...

Professional Learning Communities

Week of May 16th-May 20th

We will resume our PLC schedule this week. The schedule will be normal, but the content will involve work around a successful start to the upcoming school year. Please be prepared to discuss two areas: meaningful work and meaningful relationships. We will focus on preparing the team building, procedures, and routines a successful start of the school year. Additionally, we will prepare beginning of the year work for students that is meaningful and serves to immediately assess our student academic strengths and areas of growth. Please review beginning of the year curriculum items and come with your ideas and resources to support a super start to 2016-2017.

Community Meetings

Please remember I will meet with Academic Communities on May 18, 2016 in the PLC Room during planning time. We will discuss the upcoming teacher evaluation system, updates for next year, and expectations for Owens Intermediate.

Staff Mailboxes

It has come to the attention of administration that items placed in mailboxes have come up missing, sometimes mail has been opened by someone other than the intended recipient. Please do not remove items or go through items which are placed in another staff members mailbox. if you have questions about content, please ask or e-mail. Additionally, we have staff that have 'hotboxes' outside of offices that serve as that staff member's mailbox. Once you place items in those, please do not go through the items as there are confidential student and staff items in those boxes as well.