Slavery in America

By: Zachary Hellman


  • Did you know that there was slavery in the United States so that whites wouldn't have to do any labor.
  • Did you know slavery ended in the United States because of th 13th amendment.
  • Did you know slavery lasted for around 200 years

Underground Railroad

  • The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes that helped slaves escape.
  • Did you know that one of the slaves named Harriet Tubman helped more than 300 other slaves escape and to do that she took 19 trips to salve country and back.
  • Did you know that the reward for Harriet Tubman's capture was $40,000.


  • Many of the songs had religious things in them and had messages.
  • Some of there songs had hidden codes in them to help them escape slave country.
  • The songs Follow the Drinking Gourd and Go Down Moses's significances are that they are about freedom to boost there spirits.