Toronto Maple Leafs

By: Alyssa Dominique Morales

Team information

The name of the team are the Toronto Maple Leafs and they are located in the country of Canada and the state/providence in Ontario and the city Toronto. They are 43.7 degrees north and 79.4 degrees west. Their region is Central Canada and they speak English. Interesting facts about their region is one CN tower, two Hockey Hall of Fame, and three Nation Capital Ottawa. Physical features about this region is they're at the Canadian Shield, Atlantic Basin, and Farmland.

Team Mascot Information

The name of their mascot is the Carlton the Bear, and their nickname for there team are called the tomales. The mascot for the Toronto Maple Leafs connect to the culture of the region because bears live in Canada and around Toronto


The Toronto Maple Leafs was established on November 26, 1917 as a result of a meeting held at the Windsor hotel in Montreal. The founder of this team was Conn Smythe. They chose this location because they thought Toronto was a good location. This mascot does not connect to the history of the region.


The name if the stadium is the Air Canada Center and this stadium has this name because it is sponsored by Air Canada. This stadium has had another name and it was Arena Gardens. They chose this location because Air Canada became a sponser of the Maple Leafs