This is who I am

This is me....

As a little kid I was raised as a Hmong kid. I am Hmong. I am not a christian but I'm a Shaman. I will always carry on being a Hmong. I am 14 years old. I live in Marshall, Wisconsin. I was born in Twin Cities, MN. I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas.

What I do...

I am a dancer. I Hmong dance. I am a volleyball player and a basketball player. I also sing.
Hmong Dance at Arkansas Asian Fest 2011

The People I Like

Joseph Vincent

Joseph Vincent is an amazing singer. He is the top singer on Youtube. He has been on the Ellen Degeneres Show. He has had many concert all around the world. He is just a super amazing person.
Joseph Vincent- S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) Official Music Video

My Family

I love my family. We been through so much together. They have been really strict and been lecturing me but they just want the best for me. I have a lot of great memorizes.

My Dream Careers

I have this big dream to become a model. I don't know if I can ever achieve it but I been my sister's model lately. She has been taking pictures of me as her model. I also have this big dream to become Miss Hmong Wisconsin. I don't think it will happen but it doesn't hurt to think about it. I thought to myself that if I don't get to become one of those then I want to work as a pediatrician.