Lyndon B Johnson

About him

Lyndon B. Johnson, he was the 36th president, he was born in Stonewall ,Texas on august 27,1908. He was elected vice president in 1960, and became the 36th president in 1963, after John F Kennedy was assassinated.

five facts about Lyndon

1. Lyndons first career was a teacher, he spent 4 years teaching before going to pursue politics during the great depression.

2.His father had served in the texas state legislature and Lyndon became a congressional aid in 1931, by 1937 he won a election to the u.s. house to replace a deceased house member.

3.Johnson won the election to the u.s. senate in 1948, after winning a democratic primary by 87 votes, but allegations of voter fraud are still debated to this day about the election.

4.He was named senate minority leader after opposing republicans gained control of the senate in 1953, then became majority leader when democrates regained power.

5.Johnsons ability to persuade politicians of both parties was legendary.

three people that were involved with Lyndon

why i picked this person

1. he was a powerful and great man

2. he was a president and was in public service

3. he was a busy man and worked hard

How Lyndon affected texas

-Lyndon was able to get congress to pass the civil rights act of 1964

- the voting rights act of 1965

-the equal opportunity act