All About Me

By: Allison Goodman

I Play Softball

I have been playing softball since I was six years old. I now play softball for four teams throughout a whole year. Softball is my favorite sport.

I'm a Friendly Person

I have a very bubbly personality. i love to tell jokes and have fun with my friends. I have great friends.

I Play Basketball

I play basketball to keep myself busy. I play on teams with my friends and I. I am thankful that my parents let me play.

My favorite food!!!

My favorite food is pasta. I usually have pasta once every two weeks. The best pasta is with sauce.

My Favorite Activity!

My favorite activity is painting. I recently have been painting pictures on canvases for my family. They have greatly appreciated them.

Im Obsesed with Strawberries!

I literally eat strawberrys everyday. That is my obessesion. Especially with sugar on them.

My Favorite Singer is...

My favorite singer is Bruno Mars. He is my inspiration that I look up to. I am also in love with his hair.

My Favorite Color is Blue!!!!!

I love the color lightning blue so much that I died part of my hair that color.