The Holocaust

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How would you react if you where captured by the Nazis and put into concentration camps and left to die? The Holocaust was a sad, evil, and cruel event that caused mass murder of Jews. Adolf Hitler sent millions of Jews to concentration camps and killed many of them there. Hitler even sent people that were not Jewish there because he thought they where Jewish . The Jews couldn't do anything even not go to school, and some Germans robed Jewish stores or set fire to Jews sanitary . Hitler was a cruel and evil man whose actions led to the killing of many people and some weren't even Jewish.

When Jews got deported from there homes they go d to which are terrible buildings that have bad health and barley room to sleep in because its so crowded, there you would go on a train to consecration camps. Hitler did not just send Jews to concentration camps he sent many other races because he thought they were Jewish or he didn't like there race. The Jewish also lost many of there rights or jobs and to recognized as Jewish people they had to wear yellow stars and in the concentration camps they had to wear tattoos, Hitler didn't like Jews because thought Germans were soupier and Jews were not .Germans robbed Jewish stores banned them from going to school and even set fire to there synagogue. German people had no respect for Jews because they thought they were better than them so they robbed them and set fire to there stores

The Holocaust was the mass murder of Jews that caused great sadness led by an evil man. Millions of Jews were sent to concentration camps by Adolph Hitler and sadly killed there. Hitler killed so many people mostly Jews but some people who were not Jewish got killed in concentration camps. Some people got sent there because he thought they were Jewish. Jews had no rights and couldn't go to school they got no respect from Germans so Germans set firer to there synagogues and robbed there stores.Hitler was a evil cruel man who caused the holocaust because he thought Germans were better than Jews and that led to the mass killing of Jews.