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Good Morning!

Happy Weekend Bat Cavers!

I hope your week was as kind to you as it was the Bat Cave. We had a wonderful week filled with kindness, friendship, and compassion.

This past week was the Great Kindness Challenge, which is one school week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible. This year there were 4,779,964 students in 7,701 schools in 61 countries that participated in the challenge - including your very own Memorial School! We began our week with a kickoff assembly because we are all CRAZY for kindness (hence our crazy mismatched outfits!) Every kiddo received a Kindness Matters bracelet, however, in the Bat Cave we stepped it up a bit. Instead of just giving out bracelets, kiddos earned their bracelets by completing some sort of kindness. The bracelet could've been earned by using complimentary words, helping a friend to solve a problem, taking turns and sharing, consoling a friend, or by cheering up the teacher (true story - really happened) I am proud to say that every kiddo in our class earned their bracelet in no time at all (although there are a few bracelets sitting on my desk because they were left behind or found on the floor!)

Yesterday, Memorial School wrapped up the challenge week with an assembly where each class got to share some of the kind things. We then took a giant school picture in the shape of heart - fingers crossed it came out ok! You can check out some of the pictures below from our week of kindness.


Feb 10th - Early Release (Dismissal 1pm)

Feb 11th - Outdoor Classroom Work

Feb 12th - Winter Carnival

Feb 12th - Friendship Celebration

Feb 14th - Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 15th-19th - NO SCHOOL - Winter Vacation

Below please find the February Snack Calendar. I've made a change so that on Early Release days there will be no snack duty friend.

Have a great weekend!



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The Great Kindness Challenge

How The Bat Cave Saved Their Teacher

Your kiddos are the absolute sweetest. I was having a rough day on Wednesday - just in a funk - having to adult (hah!) Well, my fifteen superheroes got together with Alfred (Aka Miss Cloie) and put together this beautiful book as to why Ms. Montgomery was the best teacher in the whole world. They put the book together and had it "Special Delivered" to Batman. Just so you all are aware - your kiddos keep secrets!! No one said a thing about all of this secret business. Their book made my day and brought tears to my eyes. It was the best random act of kindness that I have ever received!
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In case you were wondering what your kiddo's day might look like at Memorial School, check out the above video! This video was presented to the school board when they came to Memorial for their January meeting. It was important to us (the staff) that the board get a feel for the amazing kiddos we work with everyday!


Sophia Sloan

Our final week celebrating and getting to know the superheroes in The Bat Cave and Sophia helped us to end this fun little project with plenty of love, laughs, and sweetness! We learned some facts about Sophia, met her baby doll Kitty, and listened to her mom read us the most beautiful story (even though she couldn't join us, Sophia's mom RECORDED herself reading the story!!) It was adorable!

Full Name: Sophia Grace Sloan

Sophia has two brothers, Xander and Cameron, and one sister, Emily. Her favorite color is purple. She enjoys painting, coloring, and playing babies. When Sophia grows up, she wants to be a doctor (paging Dr. Sloan) Sophia's favorite thing to do in kindergarten is math! She believes she is good at math and being nice.

Thank you Sophia for being the superhero you are!

The Literacy Lowdown

This week, ANOTHER new tool was introduced and we spent plenty of time practicing using this tool. The tool is our new literacy stations board (pictured to the right). Each afternoon we try to complete three rotations. Those rotations could include work on words, listen to reading, work on writing, work with the teacher, or computer time. This entire structure is successful when kiddos are independent and can take care of business without me having to step in. It's a work in progress, but when we are really good at these transitions, it allows me more time to work with small groups and individual students. The board shows the sequence of individual kiddos' rotations; each station lasts for 15mins.

Kiddos also have a Daily 3 Literacy folder, which will house unfinished literacy work and finished literacy work. Inside each folder is a weekly checklist. When a kiddo finishes a rotation on that day, he/she will color in that center on the checklist. All materials are placed in the finished work bucket on Fridays. As we make our way down this path of independence, we will also be creating and implementing flow charts to help us solve problems (ex: my pencil broke, I'm done, and I need a paper) when the teacher is working with kiddos.

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Writers Workshop

Our writers are getting ready for their first celebration! This week we built a checklist of things writers look for in their finished writing. I am in the process of finding a more friendly version for the writing folders, but for now, this will do. If any item gets a sad face it means that the writer forgot that particular item. The straight face means the writer started, but didn't completely finish or can add more. The happy face means CHECK! The writer got it!

From what I have seen in my conferencing with students, writers being able to go back and read what they've written is the item that needs the most work so far.

The Math Minute

This week we starting looking at shape attributes and sorting shapes based upon those attributes. We have looked at shape, size, color, and next week we will look at texture too. We played a game called Guess My Rule. Kiddos had to figure out how and why I sorted shapes into two different categories and then they had to step it up a notch and add another shape to one of the two groups.

Science was also blended into our Math, well and literacy, this week. We've been learning about penguins: parts of their body, where they live, what they eat, and what they can and cannot do. Kiddos made shape penguins this week. They took the shape that has six sides and six corners (or vertices) and turned it into a Hexagon Penguin.

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If I Were A Penguin...

Over the course of the week, we read several different penguin books - some fiction and some nonfiction. I think it's fair to say that the Bat Cave is a big fan of Tacky the Penguin books! We do love that odd bird.

Together we brainstormed a list of all the things we would want to do if we were a penguin and then kiddos had to pick their favorite and write about it. Many friends are most excited about waddling (haha!)
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Outdoor Science Work with Mrs. Letiecq

So you're probably wondering what on earth I've been talking about with this outdoor classroom stuff and why I'm so stinkin' excited about it....

Paula Letiecq (pronounced la-teek) is our outdoor classroom teacher. She has been working with the kindergarten teachers to best incorporate our kindergarten science standards into math/literacy and the great outdoors. She's amazing. Plain and simple. Each classroom spends 30minutes every two weeks with her on a new lesson. In the time between lessons, teachers are working with kiddos on vocabulary and concepts that will be addressed for the next lesson so that kiddos are prepared. This opportunity is an opportunity to enrich and provide depth for our current standards work.

This week's lesson was about states of matter: liquid, solid, and gas. Wintertime is such a great time for this lesson! Paula also introduced shadows (Groundhog's Day IS just around the corner!) Mrs. Letiecq prepped an ice snowman in the ball field, asked kiddos questions about the snowman, and had kiddos make observations and predictions (will the snowman be here for our next lesson?!)

Then out came the thawed freeze pop - it was a liquid! She asked the kiddos what happens when you put the freeze pop in the freezer. What happens to the freeze pop as you're eating it? It was a great connection for the kiddos because most everybody had either seen or consumed one of these freeze pops.

Finally, she brought out a balloon. She put air into it and asked kiddos to watch and see if they could see anything come out. Of course they didn't, but they did find the noise the balloon made quite hilarious. She told the kiddos what was coming out was a gas - you can't see it, but you could hear it and feel it.

Freeze Tag was the next activity. Everyone was it and when you got tagged, you had to freeze into a statue (I mean a solid) and the only way to unfreeze was to declare that a solid turns into a liquid (or something like that - I can't for the life of me remember what we were all yelling).

To end our time with Mrs. Letiecq, she sent us off with an ice ball in a tub. We had to watch it the rest of the day and make observations. Some friends thought the ice wouldn't stay that way because our room is so warm - so it would just be water. Mrs. Letiecq asked us to bring back our ice ball in two weeks because she wanted to see what would be left. We are very excited to be able to bring back whatever if left!

The Bat Cave

Thank you for making sure your kiddo has all the outside winter gear. We have been having a blast at recess!