The Telephone.

Alexander Graham Bell

The Telephone

At last! The Automatic Telephone. The Automatic Telephone is one of the answers to the modern cry for greater efficiency in everything. You will never realize the true value of a perfect telephone service until you install the automatic, unmeasured, unlimited and secret service. Illinois Tunnel Company, 166 Washington Street.

President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, loves the new Automatic Phone! "Finally a new way of communication that will change the world. You need to get one! Just for 20 dollars! Its the new best thing." He says.

It was made by Alexander Graham Bell on March 10th, in 1876.


I did the Telephone, I found out it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. It is used to communicate with ohers without being in person. It was very helpful, you could call other people to communicate and back then you couldn't take it anywhere but today you can take them everywhere.

An effect it had on people back then and today is that we can communicate with others if we are in need. Like if we don't have a car we can call someone for transpertation. Or if we are hurt or in dangour we can call who the help we need.

I used the Tesrimonial persuasive technique on this because since the phone was a very big thing that came out and so I thought that we needed a big important person to represent it, so people would see what a big deal it is. It also adds a lot of impotance to it having a president talking about it.