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Updated Extended Learning Plan

Hello HBB,

I hope everyone is ok and that you all had a great weekend. Below is the link to our Extended Learning Page where you can find your this week's assignments. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on each grade for links assignments etc.

Last Thursday night the School Committee voted to continue our Extended Learning Plan through April Vacation. We will not assign work for Monday of that week as it is Patriots Day. The last day of the school year will no be June 18th.

I would also like to let all parents know that I have asked my teachers to communicate with you times when they are and are not available. I am very proud of all the hard work and flexibility my staff has demonstrated since the start of this crisis. They are all deeply concerned about their kids and families and are willing to do whatever is needed to help out. That being said, I also need my staff to find time to unplug so they can also be there for their own families as well. I just ask that you please be on the lookout for that and please be understanding if there are times, like over the weekends, where you don't get an immediate response.

Lastly, I would like to ask all parents and guardians to please take our School Improvement Survey when you have a min, which can be found here This is our annual survey which we usually release at the Spaghetti Supper. The results of this survey will be used in developing our plan and all responses are anonymous. Please do your best to remember HBB before this extended leave when answering questions!

By the way.....this week's video is here! Enjoy!

Thank you and stay safe!

Note From The Nurses

Hello Middleboro Community,

As the nursing staff for the Middleboro Public Schools we are writing to let you all know that we are here to help during these very challenging times. Below we have included some tips and resources for staying safe and healthy during our extended closure. We have also included our contact information in case you might have a question about your child or if we can be of assistance in some way. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to text or call or email.

MECC - Lori Johnson (774) 384-5440

MKG - Kelly Santos (774) 384-5435

HBB - Laurie Perkins (774) 384-5434

NMS - Karen Betram (774) 384-5431

MHS - Jen Garanito (774) 384-5430

Tips For Staying Healthy…..We ALL Need To Do Our Part!

We all want to be with our friends and family but if we all stick to these important guidelines, we will all be able to get back to "normal" sooner.

  • Stay home

  • Maintain social distance - keep at least 6ft away from other people

  • Wash hands. If soap and water are not available, you can use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

  • Cover our cough/sneeze with a tissue and throw it in the trash. If a tissue is not available, cough/sneeze in your elbow.

  • Do not gather in crowds. we all want to be with our friends and family, but if we all stick to these important guidelines, we will all be able to get back to "normal" sooner.

  • If you have to go to work, keep your germs at work and be sure to cover up, wash your hands and change your clothes when you get home.

  • Think positive - enjoy the time with your family (we aren't stuck at home, we are SAFE at home)

  • Only refer to trusted resources for information such as

  • Take care of your emotional health and help others do the same. Call 2-1-1 and choose the CALL2TALK option if needed and read below for more info on dealing with anxiety.

Tips For Managing Anxiety in Children

Watch for behavior changes in your child

Not all children respond to stress in the same way.

Some common changes to watch for include

  • Excessive crying or irritation in younger children

  • Returning to behaviors they have outgrown (for example, toileting accidents or bedwetting)

  • Excessive worry or sadness

  • Unhealthy eating or sleeping habits

  • Difficulty with attention and concentration

  • Avoidance of activities enjoyed in the past

  • Unexplained headaches or body pain

Ways to support your child:

Keep routines in place

Even if you are home all day, setting and sticking to a regular schedule is important. To help reduce stress, kids should get up, eat and go to bed at normal times. Children, especially younger ones or those who are anxious, benefit from predictability.

Be creative about exercise and activities

Try new activities such as doing a puzzle or having family game time in the evening. Try rock painting with positive phrases or turning them into animals. Build in activities that help everyone get some exercise. Take a daily family walk or bike ride or do yoga — great ways to let kids burn off energy and make sure everyone is staying active. Many schools have remote learning at this time and being involved in your child’s learning can help reduce stress in the household.

Managing Anxiety

How we manage our anxiety has a big impact on our kids. For the moments when you feel anxiety, try to talk about it in a place that is not within earshot of the child. Try to take a break, whether that includes taking a shower, meditating or just having a step outside. If you have a partner at home, have an agreement that you’ll trade off when it comes to childcare. Be vocal about what you need and if you need a break. Trading off responsibilities ensures that way everyone gets a break and some breathing room.

Limit consumption of news

Although staying informed is important, it can lead to increased anxiety. Children may misinterpret what they hear and can be frightened about something they do not understand. Talking to children in a clear, reasonable way about what’s going on is the best way to help them understand. Try a TV or social media break, or follow content that helps take your mind off the crisis, whether its about nature, baking or arts and crafts.

Stay in touch virtually

Socializing will help in regulating you and your child’s mood and help you stay grounded. Using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or even phone calls and texting can help people feel less alone. You can try having family members video chat and read a bedtime story to your child or even have a videochat with multiple members at the same time.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Remember that you are not alone. Be reasonable and kind to yourself. Routine is important but rigidity can be harmful. We can give ourselves license to relax and not try to model perfection. It may be better to let another episode of their favorite show play so you can catch up on bills or have a minute to decompress. Remind yourself and your children that this situation is unique and strict rules and boundaries can be reintroduced when things go back to normal.

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Let's Have Some Fun!

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