World History- Kennedy Bock

Where and When Buddhism was Found

It all started in India in the 5th century BCE. Siddharta Gautama was a prince who started the whole religion. People started to call him Budda which means Enlightened one.

who practices

Anyone can practice this, but usually it is African American, Native American and Asian.

how they practice

1) You must accept the 4 noble truths.

2) Follow the noble 8 fold path

3) Abide by the 5 precepts

4) Be willing to reincarnation in the six realms o existence

5) Meditate

why would it matter?

Simply because it gives people something to believe in. Something they can practice with others and become closer to the others that believe in buddism too.

Growth Numbers

Just in 2008 there were about 360 million believers. In 2010 it jumped and rose to around 487 million. It was 7.1 of the world's population beliefs.