Update from THIS I.F.

January 2016

Schedule Reminders

No PLC Meetings the week of January 11th.

Benchmarks for 3-5 Reading and Math is January 11th and 12th.

ELA/SS Mapping for 3rd Grade is on January 14th and 15th.

Reminder END of GRADING is January 15th

Report cards go home on the 22nd

Please do this by Friday the 15th

I know you all are busy but please complete this survey by Friday the 15th. Assistants and support staff--please feel free to provide input on my job performance so I can be the best coach I can. Some of the questions may not be applicable but most will. All input is appreciated. Thanks to the 8 people who have completed it...I am looking forward to seeing your feedback.


Easy CBM/Reading 3D Additions and Changes

I have submitted the following changes--

X.S in Connor

P.P. and S.L. in Nance

R.P. in Felton

K.W. in Wike

M.W. in Rowe

If you have any other concerns--please let me know as soon as possible. Some students have disappeared from both databases so please double check your roster a day or so before you are testing. I cannot make changes so submitting them sometimes takes a bit of time.

Thank you

Benchmark Testing Week

See Schedule

Please be flexible! If you see or know of a problem with the schedule--please let Mrs. Mays or K. This know as soon as you can.


Information for Testing on the 11th and 12th

Teacher assistants scheduled will pick up students from homerooms. Teachers have the tests. Teachers will let you know if they need students back at a certain time (ex. Lunch) and any other modifications or information you may need to know about the student. You will take them to the assigned place for testing.

Put time on the board or on a piece of paper. They get about 4 hours for testing--3 minute breaks should be given after each hour. When the student is finished they cannot return to their classroom until everyone is finished testing. Have the student bring a book to read for after testing.

* I have put a sheet in your box letting you know what accommodations your students have. If you have questions--please ask the classroom teacher, Jennifer Muscarelli or Kelly This.

Benchmark Materials

K-2 Benchmark materials are in your boxes. Please let me know if you are missing anything.

I have given out 3rd and 5th ELA Benchmark materials and will have 4th grade materials to your room on Monday morning. Please let me know if you have any problems. There should be one blank answer sheet for your classroom. If something happens and you need an answer sheet--make a copy and use it. Just write the students name on it.

Weekly Blog

I will have the newest Blog Post by Sunday so be sure to check it out....


If you have a topic suggestion, idea to share or something you would like for me to highlight--please let me know. I would love to write something together with one of you--or come in and spotlight strategies you are using!!

Thanks TES for being "THOSE" kind of people!

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”