Mechanical Engineering

By : Gerald Teacher: mrs baptist

why did you chose this career

I chose this career because i am very handy with my hands, love working on cars , and also a car enthusiast

Training and education

You are required to have a bachelors degree and also you at least have to have several years of work related experience
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work Environment

This job is an indoor job which is worked inside a office or garage. Requires you to wear anything that is under dress code and also involves you to work individually and also with groups of other workers
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Job Description

Salary: $ 40.19 per hour and $ 83,590 per year
Growth opportunities : more education you have on engineering will be a possibility that you will have a higher salary
This job may be best for those who stay informed regarding the most recent advances in technology

Responsibilities : Designs mechanical and elctro mechanical products , systems by developing, testing specification , and new methods
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Do you still have an interest in pursuing this career after completing your research?

Yes, I still have interest in pursuing this career because its something that i would love to do because of my passion for cars
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