CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

Year 7 have been very creative again this week in Craft Club, pictured below are some of the beautiful Christmas wreaths they created.

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Food Bank Collections

The donations collected have been given to the Food Bank this week to be distributed within the community. Miss Buffini (pictured below) would like to thank students across the school for their kind donations.



Mrs Firmin would like to nominate the following DT and Food Technology students:

9CO and 7CO for excellent efforts in their end of term tests. Special mentions go to Oscar and Filip for their impressive scores!

Year 11 students Brady, Grace, Tamiska and Abbie for their ongoing exceptional effort on their NEA work.

Vanessa in 7TU for both effort and outcome on her Skull drawing.

Year 10 students Erin, Alfie, Denisa, Ellie, Daniel, Ruby, Layla, Grace Mac, and Tearlach for excellent test effort and results.

Year 8 student Dominik for his outstanding drawing work on the Christmas Toy Box challenge and 9SW for their very good effort on their end of term test.


Mrs Gonzalez-Villamil Lean has nominated 7CO for a super attitude all week in Spanish and supported study, working hard and with a really positive attitude, Year 8 student Maya A for working hard in Spanish with super results and a committed attitude in RSCS and Year 10 student Avantika for her full commitment to Spanish always!

Miss Graziano has nominated the following students:

Year 10 – Grace M, Grace Mac, Olivia N, Holly, Daisy, Niav, Bradley, Emma-May, Dolton, Finley D, Jayme-Leigh, Alice, Lana, Emily, Jack B and Sam C for consistently good effort in Spanish.

Year 9 – Paulina, Amelia R, Gabi Cl, Aime-Leigh, Neva, Neave W, Izabela, Aaliyah, Robert, Ella C, Matthew C, Charley H, Ana, Kieran, Armaanl, Chae-Thai, Melissa S, Yunus, Corina and Kiera T for consistently good effort in Spanish.

Year 8 – Ruby J, Matthew C, Amelia G, Chloe H, Shae H, Ainars, Harrison K, Ella McC, Daniils, Max B, Dominika D, Mihai, Scarlett F, Romani, Max H, René, Kacper L, Kurtis, Shanli, Mya O’S, Aad, Julia S, Nicolas V and Weronika W for consistently good effort in Spanish.

Year 7 – Will, Luba, Peter F, Deliana, Oliwia G, Dillon, Lottie, Jasmine M, Peter N, George R, Veronica, Karina S, Pawel S, Miller T, Kamran, Ole, Alessandro, Jennifer C, Mia-Brooke, Florence, Kevin J, Lara, Vadims, Lucy M, Maise-Mai and Aston for always making fantastic effort in Spanish.

Finally, she would like to congratulate all the members 7CU for always participating well and sensibly in RSCS.


Mrs Brightwell has nominated the Year 7 students for engaging so well in their first ‘Science in Action’ Lessons. In these lessons we looked at:

Why snowflakes are 6 sided and why they take on the shapes that they do, a species study into Reindeer; how they are related to dolphins and how they are radioactive in certain parts of the world and how Engineering, Computer Programming, Physics & Art link together to create amazing works of Origami art.


Miss Jenkins has nominated Daniel, Hermione and Kristof in 7CA who worked really hard this week to catch up on their drumming and notation skills in the Music lesson.

Christmas Celebrations

Pictured below are our students enjoying their Christmas celebrations in school. We were not able to enjoy in the usual way but the students enjoyed their lunch followed by an afternoon of activities in their tutor groups.

Tutor Group Christmas Displays

Students decorated their tutor rooms this week and they were judged by Mrs Arnold, winners are pictured below.

Staff Christmas Cupcakes

Thank you to our wonderful catering team for these amazing cupcakes.
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  • Please ensure all students have face masks for use at school.