Emperor Penguins

By Evaline.S


since the penguins live in a freezing cold enviroment they must huddle together at night. The temperature is -58 degrees and thats when the sun is out. Even though it is freezing cold in winter the ice melts in summer leaving some baby penguins all alone..

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Diet and feeding

The Emperor Penguins eat a variety of food and can go without food for 120 days. They eat shrimp, krill, silverfish, and some species of squid. Penguins will dive1700ft or 500m and they hold their breath for 15mins to get their food. when babies are hungry the parents regurgitate fish into the babies mouth.

Physical features

Emperor Penguins are black, white and yellow. They have feathers to keep themselves warm and a flap of skin under their stomach to keep the child warm. They have wings but they cant fly.


The Emperor Penguins breeding ground can be up to 60km away, since there are more male penguins than females sometimes males have to fight...

In May they start to mate but if the penguin in the egg doesnt survive the penguins break up and the females try to steal another group of penguins egg.. but for the eggs that do survive the males must keep the egg warm while the females get food it takes the females 120 days to get to the ocean to get food and to come back and in that time the egg hatches... When the females get back they try to find the baby penguin and the father. the dad and the baby penguin sing to each so the dad knows the babies voice the dad then goes to the ocean to get food since it hasnt had food for 120 days.