No Teacher Left Behind

Faith Johnson

How can we be sure no child is left behind??

We as teachers are given a guideline to follow. We have to be sure that we go over materials and make sure that they are understanding what they are being taught. If the students aren't understanding we need to be sure to help our them until they do. We need to also keep the students parents involved so that everyone is working together. I agree with Newman, he talks about our schools needing to change the traditional teacher system to a more student-centered learning(Newman,2013). I also think there should be communication with other teachers around the world so that way all the students can be on the same page. This to me is a way to make sure no child is left behind.

Should all teachers use the same pratices?

I think it would help if teachers were on the same page. I believe that teachers should be getting there students prepared for the 21st century. I don't think that every classroom needs to be the same but if we use some of the same guidelines our children might be better prepared. We also shouldn't be afraid of change, in this case it is for the good. To ensure this teachers would need to make sure students are understanding what they are being taught. We need to continue to make sure they are getting all the resources they need to do so. I know that some teachers are staying after school to tutor students already, and some schools even have school on the weekends. I think we should still keep this. I always am hearing teachers complain about the pay and not wanting to do anything extra. It might help if they get a raise or decent incentives. I think that when you are hired you already have guidelines to follow for that school and that should be it. If they aren't followed then some action should be done. We all know that with politics involved this is not always the case. They end up changing the rules all the time and having teachers trying to accomplish things that aren't all that reasonable.

Mastering the ISTE Standards for Teachers

I believe that all teachers should try to follow the ISTE standards. This plays a very big part in getting our students ready for the 21st century. The one that stands out to me the most would be to facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity. It really is important to support, promote, and model and innovative thinking and inventiveness. We need to make sure our students use there critical thinking skills and make sure that we us the resources we have to make it more interesting. We should go outside of the norm and remember why we wanted to become teachers. Yes we are under paid for what we do but we shouldn't let this stop us from being good teachers. I know that there are teachers who might not want to get on board and I think it should be part of every teachers curriculum.



Newman,R (2013) Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century: connecting dots