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DNA and Investigations

Presented by National Law Enforcement Museum

Grades: 5-9

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 5 @ 1:10 pm EST

– Science and Engineering Practice: Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Turns 50

Presented by the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book of Art

Grades: K-3

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 6 @ 1:10 pm EST

Learn about The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Massachusetts, and how they celebrate reading through their exhibitions and programs. Meet popular children’s book author and illustrator Jeff Mack, who will join us live to share his books and answer questions about how he makes his books!

How to be an Author

Presented by Author Kenn Nesbitt

Grades: K-5

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 7 @ 1:10 pm EST

Kenn Nesbitt, Children’s Poet Laureate (2013-15), will perform his hilarious poetry as he shows how you too can become an author, and answer questions from students and teachers. This upbeat, funny program encourages students to have fun reading books and writing their own poems.

DNA Extraction

Presented by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Grades: 5-9

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 8 @ 1:10 pm EST

This program integrates the Next Generation Science Standards by focusing on: DNA

Music, Melody & Me

Presented by Manhattan School of Music

Grades: 3-6

Cost: FREE

Dates/Times: May 11 @ 1:10 pm EST

Music, Melody & Me Guided by a Manhattan School of Music teaching artist, students learn how instrumental sounds are fashioned into musical compositions, generating skills to examine the components of themes in music. These concepts are dynamically illustrated through live performance and with the aid of pre-recorded video musical examples performed by talented Manhattan School of Music students. This culminates in a spirited interactive exchange in which the teaching artist transforms students own motivic ideas into improvisatory compositions.

Fun in the Ciry!

Presented by New York Historical Society

Grades: 3-8

Cost: FREE

Dates/Times: May 11 @ 1:10 pm EST

New York City has long been considered the entertainment capital of the U.S., but fun and frolic looked very different one hundred years ago than it does today! Join a New-York Historical Society educator for a deep dive into the history of entertainment in New York, analyzing photographs, artifacts, and archival film footage to learn about Coney Island, the World’s Fairs, and the many museums and circuses that called the city home. Students will learn how historians study these amusements to gain insights about the people and societies that enjoyed them.

Weather Wonders

Presented by Don Harrington Discovery Center

Grades: K-6

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 12 @ 1:10 pm EST

The atmospheric elements that combine to create weather work largely unseen. Weather Wonders uncovers these elements through dynamic demonstrations which examine the conditions necessary to create clouds, precipitation, lightning, thunder, tornadoes and other weather phenomena.

George Washington: C.S.I. Meets the Biography Channel with Author Carla Killough McClafferty

Presented by Authors on Call (INK Think Tank)

Grades: 4-12

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 13 @ 1:10 pm EST

Did George Washington look like his image on the dollar bill? A dream team of scientists, historians, and artists determined to find out. Carla Killough McClafferty shares the experts’ study of Washington’s dentures, hair and clothes. The results of this forensic investigation will show you what Washington really looked like.


Presented by Discovery Center

Grades: 3-6

Cost: FREE

Dates/Times: May 14 @ 1:10 pm EST

How do rocks form? This interactive program will allow the students to classify rocks, talk about the rock cycle, and learn how rocks change over time. Learn the difference between rocks and minerals. Students will even make a rock they can eat!

Carnivorous Plants of the World

Presented by California Carnivores

Grades: 3-7

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 15 @1:10 pm EST

Almost everyone has heard of the famous Venus Flytrap, but there are actually over 700 species of carnivorous plants and they grow on every continent except Antarctica. Learn all about the main kinds of carnivorous plants. What is a carnivorous plant? Why do they catch animals? Where are they from and how do they work? Learn theses answers and more from carnivorous plant expert, Damon Collingsworth, owner of the most famous carnivorous plant nursery in the world, California Carnivores.

Careers in Marine Science

Presented by Ocean First Institute

Grades: 5-12

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 18 @1:10 pm EST

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a marine biologist? What would your days be like? Do you work in an office or are you in the field all the time? What animals do you get to work with? If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a researcher, you can find out here. Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza is a Marine Biologist who has been studying shark species for over 15 years. Her work has taken her all over the world to study and share the story of these magnificent, ancient, and misunderstood species. She will share her journey on becoming a scientist and working in an exciting, demanding, and challenging field.

Chain of Life

Presented by Greenville Zoo

Grades: 3-6

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 19 @ 1:10 pm EST

Students learn about producers, consumers, decomposers, and scavengers and how they all work together in a chain of life. Students will also explore how interconnected all life is!

Shell-ebrate Turtles with the South Carolina Aquarium

Presented by South Carolina Aquarium

Grades: K-5

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 20 @ 1:10 pm EST

Help us observe World Turtle Day as we shell-ebrate chelonians! We’ll introduce you to some of our shelled residents at the Aquarium as we learn about different turtles and the habitats in which they live. The South Carolina Aquarium also rescues sick and injured sea turtles, rehabilitates them and releases them back to the wild. We’ll explore the Aquarium’s conservation work with sea turtles and discuss ways that you can help all turtles.

Comparing Reptiles and Amphibans

Presented by Roper Mountain Center

Grades: 2-5

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 22 @ 1:10 pm EST

Join us in our Rainforest as we examine the differences and similarities between reptiles and amphibians. We will talk about life cycles and investigate a few animals that call Roper Mountain Science Center home.

Up Close and Paleo

Presented by Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology

Grades: 2-7

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 22 @ 1:10 pm EST

This tour of Dinosaur Hall introduces young participants to many different dinosaurs that lived in ancient Alberta. Each stop explores a different curriculum concept like carnivores and herbivores, predators and prey, or plants and the ancient environment.

Fingerprints and Impressions

Presented by National Law Enforcement Museum

Grades: 4-9

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 26 @ 1:10 pm EST

Description: What is in a fingerprint? What makes a fingerprint unique to everyone in this world? Students will dive into a discussion about these questions as well as learn about crime scene procedures and examination techniques used by law enforcement and forensic specialist when looking for fingerprint evidence.

Balls and Tracks

Presented by Liberty Science Center

Grades: K-5

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 27 @ 1:10 pm EST

What forces of science help ski jumpers become champions? Using marbles and ramps, this hands-on program introduces the fundamental principles of gravitational forces and projectile motion. Investigate the path that a launched projectile takes, discover the patterns of this motion, and use data to predict the distance of a final launch!

Laser Demonstration

Presented by New York Hall of Science

Grades: 5-9

Cost: FREE

Date/Time: May 28 @ 1:10 pm EST

See how a laser works and see a live demonstration!

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