4K Weekly Newsletter

September 8, 2015


This week we will continue reading "Because of Winn-Dixie." Please ask your child about the story. It always helps with comprehension when they have to share with others! On Friday, we will be taking a vocabulary and comprehension quiz over the story. Friday morning will also be FAST testing. This is when your child reads three different passages to me to determine their fluency. This reading assessment is only one measure, but it does help us determine our reading groups and the focus of each group.

Realistic Fiction Book Report

Just a heads-up that I will be sending home information about a book report to be completed by the end of this month. Students will need to read a realistic fiction (something that could actually happen in today's world, but it is a made-up story) chapter book. I let students know about it on Friday in case they wanted to start reading over the long weekend.


This past week, we finished creating a tool we will use to help us through the writing process steps. We will begin a recess prompt this week. I will be going through all of the steps for the students to model how we complete the steps. This should be a quick refresher, but there are a few students who have never had Write Tools training before.


This Friday will be our first spelling test. I would like your honest feedback about how spelling has been going at home. Using the vocabulary words as my spelling words is something new I am trying, and to be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about it. According to the Iowa Core, students should be able to spell grade-level appropriate words. This is why I chose to focus on our vocabulary words this year, but please let me know how you feel about this!


We are continuing to work on Geometry. This is one of the hardest units we complete in 4th grade. There is just a lot of new information that it can be overwhelming. If students need help with their Study Links at home, that is fine, but please don't do everything for them. I use the information on the Study Links to help drive my instruction. If there is a concept that many students don't get, I know I need to re-teach it or pull back a small group. If it is ever extremely difficult for your student, please send me an email. I try not to give homework unless we have fully gone over that particular concept. If your child is able to, please have them get on a computer to practice Xtramath and Dreambox.

This Week's Pictures

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Dates from Mr. Hasleiet

· 7th No School - Labor Day

· 8th No School - Professional Learning (LETRS)

· 17th Donuts with Dad @ Intermediate

· Please check the E-Friday Folder link on the CPU webpage for Donuts with Dad RSVP. RSVPs need to be returned by Friday, Sept. 11.

· 17th PTO Meeting @ Primary

o Dinner @ 6:00 followed by the meeting with Mr. Marshall @ 6:30

· 21st No School - Professional Learning (Data Teams)

· 24th Early Dismissal – PTCs

· 1st Early Dismissal – PTCs

· 2nd Black & Gold Parties