The Renaissance

By Jorge Roman

What was the change?

The Dark Ages was a time during the fall of the Roman Empire where people only focused on survival and the Church. Where many people were uneducated and in poverty, while priests and church officials where far ahead from them. This was mainly located in the Western Roman Empire, or what it use to be. It was also a time of death, disease and war. Eventually, Some people began reviving interest in ancient Greek and Roman thought. A time where art, such as style and format, literature, and education began flourishing. This was called the Renaissance. The Renaissance mainly took place in Florence,Italy during the 1400-1600. Not only did it allow for works of art to flourish, it also lead to a movement called Humanism. A cultural movement that turned away from medieval scholasticism and revived interests in ancient greek and roman thought. Ultimately leading to a social and cultural movement that allowed artists and poets works to flourish.

People associated with the change

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How did the change impact society at the time?

Before the Renaissance was the Dark ages, a time where the majority of people lived in poverty. Eventually that changed. The Renaissance allowed for people to have access to working jobs, which lead to less and less people to be poor at the time. It not only affected individuals, its also affected cities. Many cities began thriving, building a wealthy merchant class which allowed for more trade. Thus making Florence a city of trade and wealth. Also, with trade flourishing at the time, it allowed for people to study cultures around the world, experience different environments, different fabrics, different foods and much more. Allowing for people to have more riches. Also, with the invention of the printing press, it made it more quicker and cheaper for books to be made, which allowed people began to become more educated. Leading to vernacularism and the spread of thought and ideas all around Italy, greatly impacting the society at the time.
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How is that change evidenced in today's modern history?

The Renaissance Left an Intellectual and artistic heritage. Due to the influence of the Renaissance artists, sculptors and poets it set out standards for many generations to come. Such as the work of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci for artists; books, poems and literature from Dante, Petrarch and Erasmus for writers and inventions and architecture from Da Vinci and Brunelleschi for architects. Also with some of the inventions made created during the Renaissance, such as the armored car, ornithopter, aerial screw and anemometer have greatly impacted us all around the world. The Ornithopter and the aerial screw have helped use explore the world and the armored car, or a tank, has been of such use during war. And the Anemometer has affected the world of science greatly to by determining directions of wind and the speed it goes. Much of what we have, such a eduction, literature and tools have originated from The Renaissance making our world what it is. And there have been others who have furthered their research in making the world a better and advance place.