Technology Class

BY:Jacob Austin

The start of a new class

I am glad to be in technology class. I hope when you enter technology class you will enjoy it to! hope you have a good year in technology!

Typing lessons

I hope you like typing because you are going to have a lot of it when you are in technology. I hope you like it because you are going to have to do it every time at the beginning of class on good luck! Also for there is beginning, practice, intermediate, and advanced so good luck!


when you do your iTrailer get ready to be a photographer because you are going to have to take a lot of pictures. You are also going to have to take a lot of short videos. And when when you are done with it get ready to present.

haiku deck

First thing First get ready also hope you do well. Get ready to answer a lot of questions. Get ready to think about your future.


I bet you are going to really like coding. Coding is really fun but it is going to be really for you to do this. This will be fast because you only have to get through 11 levels.

career locker

Are you ready to fun like last year? You are to do an older version of career locker than last year. Get ready to have some fun with Mrs. Vandenboogard.

explain everything

There three parts this activity, awesome right? They are math problems but you only have to do one math problem. First write the problem, then the equations, then a picture, then the answer.