Death cloud

Novel project

Character analysis

The main character in the story is a boy named Sherlock Holmes, A 14 year old boy, which is curious, trouble making, and overall smart.

Rising action , Climax, Falling action

The rising action of Death cloud is when Sherlock finds out that a 'Cloud of smoke' is actually A swarm of bees from a professor. The climax of "Death Cloud" is when the mischievous Baron (The man responsible for many deaths ,and responsible for the 'Death cloud') gets into a deadly battle with Sherlock and is a near death experience. The falling action is when Sherlock leaves after a victorious battle with the Baron, and goes to a tavern to rest.

Setting, Summary, Author

The book "Death cloud" is by Andrew Lane. The book takes place it takes place in England where a boy named Sherlock Holmes that is a 14 years old boy, goes to his aunts and what started as a boring visit to his aunts turns into a perilous journey into a death trap as he and 3 others travel all around England to find out who is responsible for a so called 'Death cloud'.