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Week of February 8

What's Coming up "in the Pack":

Wednesday is our Field Trip to Children's Theater. PLEASE wear your class t-shirt!

Valentine's Day is approaching! Your child may decorate a bag or box and bring in before Friday,

I sent class list earlier last week so your child can be sure not to forget anyone!



Writer's Workshop: POETRY

* Adding visual details, words, phrases or lines to the poem that convey what they picture is happening in the poem (can close their eyes to visualize). (L.3.3a)

· * Writing the same poem from different perspectives (ex. A poem about my Wii breaking could be written from the player’s perspective or from the Wii’s perspective).

Reader's Workshop: POETRY

Readers make sense of poetry by:

· Visualizing the poem and describing the mental image as they read and listen to the poem.

o Using sensory words so that the reader has strong visual images to evoke feelings ,tone, mood (RL.3.4)

· Deciding if the poet and the speaker of the poem are the same person (the poet may take on the persona of someone else).

· Asking themselves, “What is the big idea of this poem?” to identify what the poem is mainly or mostly about. (RL.3.1, SL.3.2)

Identifying the author’s purpose for writing the poem and asking themselves, “What message or feeling is the poet trying to get across? Why did he or she most likely write the poem?”


*Relate segments on a number line (between 0 and 1) to parts of a whole.

Partitioning segments the “whole” (from 0 to 1) into parts to show fractions as

segments on a number line.

*Mark segments/lengths on a number line. Relate to numerator/denominator; the

first segment is 1 of __ parts.

*Represent unit fractions on a number line between 0 and 1.

*****Fact fluency (addition/subtraction and multiplication/division) - PLEASE practice multiplication Facts nightly!

Social Studies: Government

WE LOVED Biographies

Mathematic Concepts

WE Love Math!


*Class code GWFJQ.