Branch Rickey

Perseveres By: John S.


1. Mr. Rickey send for Jackie, to tell him he did not make the Brooklyn Dodgers, But he wants him for the Brooklyn National League Club.(Pg.292)

2. Mr.Rickey knows that Jackie has a lot of potential, but the managers don’t see it, even since he has questioned his courage.(Pg.292)

Explain: Mr.Rickey knows Jackie's potential, but the managers just don't see it.


1. “the day will come when they won’t have to be white."(Pg.289)

Mr.Rickey Knows that some day the world wont be segregated,(that's why he is doing this experiment.)

2. “I know you a good Ball player,”(Pg.292)

Mr. Rickey Knows that Jackie is a good baseball player.

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Branch Rickey, with Jackie Robinson

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"The Noble Experiment"

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