The Aborigine are IMPORTANT!

"Sometimes 'sorry' won't make everything better again."

The Importance

The Aborigine are the indigenous people of Australia, yet they are being treated as though they are minorities. Time periods in the Australian history such as the Stolen Generation and trying to make the Aborigine more European, are very important parts of the history of the country as well. It's unfair of the government to treat the indigenous people so terribly, even after all that has happened. Society has discriminated against them harshly.

The Stolen Generation

The Stolen Generation is one of the most important parts of the history of Australia! The Stolen Generation is when the Australian government took Aborigine children away from their homes and families, and tried to make them more European. They did that by changing their names, hairstyles, and their ways of living. To this day, there are many Aboriginal people that have NO IDEA who their families really are. To make for this horrible time in the Australian history, the government decided to create the national and annual 'Sorry Day' to apologize for the way that the indigenous were treated in the 1900s. Although the government can't fix what happened, they made an effort to try and apologize.
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