Orange you glad I did calcium

Basic things you should know.

  • Elements name is calcium
  • Symbol is Ca
  • Atomic numer is 20
  • Atomic weight is 40.078
  • the group name is Alkaline earth metal
  • Period number 4
  • It's color is silvery white
  • Classfication is Metallic

The History of Calcium

Calcium was discovered in 1808 in england by a man named Sir humphrey Davy.

The Many Uses of Calcium

  • Calcium can reduce agent for the preparation of metal such as thorium, uranium, zirconium, etc.
  • Calcium is also in many food items we drink/ eat.
  • Calcium is also in all of are body's to help us feel much better

The Description

  • Calcium is a grey silvery type of metal that is rather hard constituent of leaves, bones, teeth, and shells, it is also the fifth abundant element earth

Biology (In humans)

Calcium is essential for all life
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