Jacqueline Vo

About Me

I typically go by my nickname, Jackie. I was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania my whole life. I am now a third year transfer student from HACC. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am the older sibling of a younger brother. I enjoy going on hiking trips, playing guitar, reading, sketching, and spending with friends and family. If I could have any super power, I would choose to fly.

Places I've gone hiking

Identity Markers

  • Religion did not affect me much until I came to know about Christianity in my freshman year of high school. My family was Buddhist, but I considered myself an Atheist. I struggled with accepting my own identity because I believed that I had to be a certain way or had to have certain things to have friends. Christianity has transformed that way I think and act towards others. The influence it has on my life is a big one.

  • Language was something that influenced as a Vietnamese American. As a young child, I grew up speaking Vietnamese. When I started going to school, that was when I needed to learn to speak English. My parents never read books to me as a child, which affected my desire to read. I remember having to take ESL classes. Now, I have lost quite an amount of my recollection for words in my home language. I am still able to comprehend words in my home language, but when it comes to actually speaking it, it takes longer for me to recall words that I may not have used in a while.