Ashley's Arbonne Spring Favorites!

Must Have's for the Season

35 and having a BABY!!

Many of you are friends with me on FB (if you arent please make sure to friend me or like my business page at the bottom of this flyer for all things health and wellness related) and so you probably know by now that I am expecting a baby girl this June! While I am super excited and cannot wait for the new addition to our family, it has only made me more aware of how important it is to use safe products in and on your body. With my first pregnancy I did not have Arbonne, and this time it has truly made ALL difference in the world. From the skincare I use, to the makeup and nutrition I put in and on my body, I feel extremely healthy and ready to make 35 my best year yet! So I ask you to join me and make 2016 YOUR best year yet!
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Many people ask me what my regimen is and I have been using our Nutrition products for a few years now and have only continued throughout my pregnancy. I truly believe it is the key that has keept me healthy and strong. While I absolutely LOVE the entire Nutrition line, there are 3 products that I think have made the most significant difference.

Triple Threat!


I have found that when you are organized and have healthy choices at your finger tips, then healthy is what you will choose. Don't buy the junk and stay away from processed foods as much as you can! Your body and mind will 100% thank you!
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Pasty and Pregnant are NOT a good look!

I am always on the hunt for a good, safe and healthy self tanner, and I was so pleased when Arbonne came out with their NEW formulation last year! This tanner has given my pale pasty legs LIFE! Check out my before and after picture of just ONE application. The great part about this tanner is you can layer and build it to achieve whatever level of color you want! Here is what I LOVE about this self tanner:

+ No stinky SMELL
+ No streaking
+ No Orange or fake color
+ Non sticky fast drying formula
+ Natural looking tan in 2 HOURS!
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Check out the Tightening Tan Combo that works AMAZING!!

Step 1: Sea Salt Scrub to exfoliate all dead skin cells for a perfectly even and flake free tan!
Step 2: Arbonne's Liquid Sunshine Self Tanner Lotion - Apply for desired color.
Step 3. Firming Body Cream - Make your tan last long and keep your skin looking firm and supple!
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Makeup, Makeup Makeup!!

Being that I work from home, and am 7 months pregnant, I normally don't wear a lot of makeup. However, when I do, I want it to be easy, lightweight, safe and flawless. Checkout my FUN makeup tutorial that I did showcasing my 5 minute makeup tips utilizing some of my MUST have products.
5 Minute Face
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