By Jayda Chandler

Technology: Is it affecting our jobs?

200 Million. 200 million people unemployed in the world. That number has increased by 27 million in 2008. Because of technology taking our jobs, more people will be poor. Workers are forced to work part time, or they might leave the country just to find work.

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Americans losing jobs to robots.

Power looms and spinning frames, wove cloth and spun yarn faster and cheaper. They were called luddites. The luddites protested smashing new machines. Computers and robots workers in factories increasingly. Robots taking the jobs of law and accounting. Every year factories use an additional 200,000 robots. Right now the total number is about 1.5 million robots every year.

Author: Jayda Chandler

Done on 4-29-2016

What jobs do robots have?

In Japan there is a hotel full of robot workers. Robots can deliver snacks and amenities to your hotel room. They can produce burgers every 10 seconds. That is three full time kitchen staff. In 1820 the U.K. Employed approximately 240,000 cotton hand weavers. 99% vanished to the mechanical loom. Within 40 years 47% of jobs today could be automated. In the next decade 233,000 taxi drivers and 1.7 million truck drivers in the U.S.A could be at risk of having their jobs automated away by driverless vehicles.


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