Importance of Family Mealtime

By Cassidy Rourke

Family mealtime is more important today than in the past.

Competing distractions, more choices of activities outside of home, and advancement of technology are bringing family meals to an all time low.

Why do families not eat together?

During the day everyone is out in the community, children are at school, adults are at work, and that leaves the only real family time to talk at the the dinner table. Even when at home, individuals go off and do their own thing. Nowadays, a lot more people eat out saying they don't have time to cook. Fast food has also changed family mealtime because people get it on the go and eat in their cars, instead of sitting down together.

Strategies for incorporating family mealtime at home

It's never to late to start eating meals as a family

Benefits of family mealtime

  • More efficient
  • Healthier
  • Less expensive
  • Teaches children food sustainability
  • Builds closer relationships with family
  • Provide a sense of family identidy
  • Transmit family values from one generation to the next
  • Spend time with family

Stop making excuses and find time for family meals!