The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed what school looks like this 20-21 school year. Check out the EPS District COVID 19 Communication.


Hello Cimarron Families,

Welcome back from Fall Break. Fall is fully here, with the turning of the leaves and our daylight hours getting shorter. Yet the lives of our children continue to change and grow. Our children are becoming young men and young women.

I want to bend your ear and talk about limits. In middle school so much happens developmentally very quickly. Let’s look at limits for middle schoolers. Your young scholar might not admit it now that he or she is getting older, yet boundaries help them feel safe and secure. Rules also teach them to make positive choices as they grow up. I want my children to learn in my home and at school before learning without our support. Consider these tips for setting limits.

Prioritize rules Having too many rules can be confusing for everyone. Try to narrow them to key categories like health and safety (limit screen time and schedule exercise), school (complete work on time, keep grades at a good level), and family life (do chores, maybe even the first time, be respectful).

Be clear and reasonable State each rule simply and clearly, and work to phrase it in a positive way. And set them in place before the situation arrives. Example: “Sign off from (insert the latest social media buzz) and check your phone in (or game system, or computer) one hour before bed.” vs. “Don’t chat with friends at night.” Listen to your child’s input (“My friends text late!”). Then explain your reasoning. (“Screen time can interfere with sleep, and you need sleep to stay healthy to do well in school and life.”)

Remain consistent Stand firm in enforcing rules—letting something slide teaches your child that the rules don’t really matter. Also, assign a consequence that’s directly linked to each rule. Have him make and hang up a two-column list labeled “Rules” (“I agree to finish homework before playing video games”) and “Consequences” (“If not, I understand that I can’t play video games for one day”).

Recently my 3rd-grade daughter figured out how to backdoor to YouTube. She spent 84 minutes watching Disney clips. Then when it was later discovered; she made up with 84 minutes of household chores. She did help close the loophole on iPads to YouTube.

Remember the high notes in the ever-changing dynamics of our boys and girls as they grow into young men and young women.

Gabe Schmidt

“Life is like a trumpet. If you don’t put anything into it, you don’t get anything out of it.” W. C. Handy

Looking Forward:

  • Fun Food Days! Tuesdays & Fridays - We are bringing back Fun Food Days. If you’re new to Cimarron, this is a great time to enjoy some sweet treats from a rolling cart of individually pre-packaged goods! Items are $1 & $2. Check out the Cimarron calendar on our website for Fun Food Days!

  • 11/05 Kendra Scott Event 5-7 pm RSVP

  • 12/10 Panera Dine Out 4-8 pm


Support the Cimarron PTO at Panera Bread, 1472 South Bryant, Edmond from 4:00 - 8:00 pm. You must show the Fundraiser Flyer to the cashier when placing your order. When ordering online, enter code PRFUND


Now that we are a quarter of the way through the school year, more and more Panther families have experienced a COVID exposure from work, school, or another group. It can be confusing on what to do when this happens to you. Please read below so you have up-to-date information about how this works:

First, please visit with your student about this and reassure them there is nothing to be ashamed of if someone contracts COVID and/or has to quarantine due to an exposure. It's a virus and viruses spread. We all have to do our part to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy, and quarantining is one way we can keep further exposures to a minimum.


1. If you are notified your student has been directly exposed to a positive case, they need to quarantine for 14 days from the time of last contact. "Close contact" is within 6 feet or less for 15 minutes or more. If you are contacted by the school that you student is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19, you will be given specific instructions about the immediate steps you will need to take.

2. If the exposure or positive test is outside of school, please call our Attendance Line (405-726-5507) to speak with Mrs. Byrne or leave a detailed message so we can take steps to trace any additional exposures and update your student's attendance.

3. Only the exposed person is required to quarantine, but if anyone in the household develops symptoms, then the entire family should test and remain home while waiting for the results.

4. The ideal time for an asymptomatic exposed person to test is between 5 to 9 days from the initial exposure date. Symptomatic persons should test as soon as possible.

5. Once a person has tested positive, they must quarantine for 10 days. After 10 days and if symptom-free, they can return to normal activities outside the home.

6. A directly-exposed person must quarantine for 14 days. Even if that person tests negative, the virus could develop at any point within the 14 days. Regardless of test results, the person must quarantine for the full 14 days.

7. Quarantining means not attending ANY activities with persons outside the household -- no work, no school, no practices, no games, no youth groups, etc.

8. All classwork is available through Canvas and teachers are available through email for questions and help during any quarantined time.

For more information, see the the CDC and the OK Health Department guidelines.


If your student plans to play a WINTER sport - 7/8 Basketball or EMHS Wrestling, please complete the Winter Sports Sign-up. You must have signed onto Rank One, and completed all forms before your student is eligible to practice. In addition, all student-athletes must have a current physical on file.

Winter Sports Coaches:

8th grade Boys Varsity Basketball

8th grade Girls Varsity Basketball

7th grade Boys Varsity Basketball

7th grade Girls Varsity Basketball

8th/7th Boys JV Basketball

8th/7th Girls JV Basketball

EMHS Wrestling

Eligibility is run every Wednesday evening and if a student is on probation, they have that week to make it up and will still be able to compete the following week (Monday-Saturday). If they are ineligible they will not be able to compete the following week and must get their grade up before the next eligibility or the student will not be able to compete the following week (Monday-Saturday).

Go Panthers!!


Important Basketball Spectator Information

For the safety of our athletes, coaches, officials, and guests, all fans attending basketball games at the six Edmond middle schools will be asked to follow the expectations noted below:

  • Only immediate family members of players should purchase tickets to attend the game.

  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your player’s game.

  • Please leave at the conclusion of your player’s game to allow for distancing among seated spectators of the following games.

  • Masks covering the mouth and nose are required for anyone inside the school or gym facility.

  • No student spectators will be allowed to purchase tickets unless they are an immediate family member of a player.

  • No food or drink will be allowed in the gym except for athletes’ personal water bottles.

Thank you in advance for helping us support our shared athletes in their efforts to complete their middle school basketball seasons without illness or quarantine. Accommodations needed for our high school competitions will be handled through the Edmond athletic director’s office.

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We have a few State and District mandated changes to attendance this year. Our District Office will be sending you more detailed information soon, but here are some important highlights you should know now:

  • Students’ two “in-seat” instruction days are extremely valuable! Please avoid scheduling appointments on those days if possible and try for remote learning days where there is more latitude in your student’s schedule. We understand this is not always possible. If your student must miss for an appointment, please be sure to get documentation!

  • Excused absences are coded ONLY for the following reasons with Documentation: Death in the Immediate Family (phone call & memorial brochure from service), Judicial (phone call & court document), Medical (phone call & provider’s note faxed /emailed from provider or original note for file), Religious (phone call & documentation from service or religious leader), and Family Emergency (approval of letter to administrator required). Parents should always notify the school of a student’s absence with a specific reason and may then follow up with documentation within the following week. Phone calls will be generated on the day of the absence and the absence will be adjusted once the documentation is received. If an absence is due to an illness which doesn’t require a physician’s visit, supporting comments will be entered in the student’s record with a code of ILL. Documentation may be submitted to:

  • COVID 19 related absences should be reported immediately to our attendance line (405 340-2935) whether for exposure, diagnosis, questions or concerns. You will receive a follow-up call from your student’s administrator as soon as possible. Attendance accommodations may be possible. Documentation for this illness (test results, Dr. notes, etc) may be submitted

  • New this year, three (3) tardies in any class is an absence. This is the same as the policy at the high school.

Please always leave a voicemail if you reach the attendance phone line, or send an email to above address. We want to talk to you and will follow up or return your call as soon as possible.


Sara Ross 405.202.8984 President

Melanie Bauer 608.213.1928 Vice President, website

James Gilliland 405.640.2164 Secretary, Backpack

Renee Garnand 405.2297697 Treasurer, Panther Grille

Meredith Edwards 405.642.1960 T-shirts

Lisa Ogilbee 405.245.0341 T-shirts

Laura Jarvis 405.834.7493 Appreciation

Becca Kinkade 817.680.8140 Appreciation

Tiffany Marshall 405.406.5039 Hospitality

Janelle Shellem 405.818.0185 Hospitality

Leslie McMinn 405.824.4463 FFF, Panther Pals

Jill Cobb 405.205.6885 FFF, Panther Pals

Shannon Medley 405.919.3378 Pizza Day

Sara Jones 405.301.1749 Pizza Day


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