Tried, Tested, and Transformed

How the Great War changed Canadian Navy Soldiers

Forging an Identity in Foreign Seas 1914-1929

A time period of huge change for Canada, from being known as Britain's little child, to becoming a force to be reckoned with. In Canada's 100 days, the Navy had become one of the biggest causes to the end of the war.
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The Beginning of a Great Force 1914-1918

We did not play a large role in the war in the beginning, but had a pivotal role towards the end of it. In the beginning of the war, at around 1915, Germany had declared war on the British Isles, and attacked any passenger boats, or any type of merchant ship. Soon after, the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson requested that the Germans stop the U-boat warfare, after it attacked a cruiser carrying 128 Americans, and 1201 people of other nationalities. In the end of 1915, the German Government had put restraints on the U-boats, and had suspended their use all together. Though in 1917, during Canada's 100 days, the Germans declared that it would recommence U-boat operations, and had proceeded to attack merchant cruisers. Unrestricted submarine attacks could mean a German victory by the end of 1917, but we fought courageously, and successfully defended against them, in the price of blood, sweat, and tears.

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From being a non-existent force (consisting of only 2 ships and 350 men), to becoming a full-fledged navy (over 7000 officers), our army had grew to a significant size, and became a dominating force among the seas. Our navy grew over fear that we may be attacked by enemy countries along the coastlines, and that we would be greatly outnumbered if that time had come. We were able to increase our forces along the coasts significantly, and as a result, we made our country a force to be reckoned with.

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After being tested, through the Great War, and after the war, we were able to transform into something much greater than we first were. After building a small army used in the great war, and constructing defenses along our coastlines in fear of enemy invaders, we had grown our army to a huge force that we never had before.

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