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New Information

This week's library news is late, short, and important, so please read on and respond!

  • iPads - I need to reconfigure your classroom iPads so that you can install apps, delete apps, and customize for your classroom needs. Please see/email me if you have a class set of iPads.
  • Limitless Libraries Return Procedure - There is now a cart by the teacher mailboxes (pictured below) where you can return LL materials. Please put all LL returns on the cart. If you see something that you would like to borrow on the return cart, leave it on the cart! If you are still unsure about how to borrow from LL, see/email me or a savvy team mate! I am still working on getting a screencast with instructions ready for you! BOLO for that soon!
  • Textbooks - Please let me know if your grade level is still in need of more copies of textbooks!
  • I will be out of the building all day on Monday, September 19th due to being called for jury duty selection. I am hoping that I will not be selected and that I will be back on Tuesday the 20th. Please BOLO for an email from me letting you know when the library will re-open in case I am actually selected for jury duty.
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Old (but still Important) News

  • Limitless Libraries school delivery is available for all teachers and 3rd and 4th grade students. This means that we can borrow materials from NPL's collection, and they will come to school in the school mail! So awesome, right? BOLO for a screencast about how to use this amazing resource!

  • Essential Lit books should be returned to the bins in room 321. Please return library-owned materials only to me.
  • I'm building my book and materials wish list. Please send me any titles and/or subject areas you know you're interested in!

  • Limitless Libraries school delivery is up and running! Your user ID is your 6-digit employee ID number, and your PIN is 2016. Go to http://www.limitlesslibraries.org/

  • To search the FHEO catalog, click here

  • I need to scan your student textbooks as well as your teacher manuals. Please send me a time that is convenient for you. It would be great if you could either have your students put their books face down on their desks OR put all your textbooks in a designated place in your room. Let's think win-win! If there is a third way, I am totally open to it!