Plant to give!

Plant more greenery for a better world!

Want Cleaner Air?

More greenery means cleaner air to breath in! If everyone plants at least one plant in their backyard/ yard they are helping to make the Earth cleaner! Plus it adds color! As trucks, cars, buses increases, pollution increases in the air, which means what we breath in is not healthy. Just by planting flowers, a tree, or any greenery it might just happen to make the air cleaner!

How Does Plants Give Oxygen?

Located inside plant cells is the cholorplast, which is where photosynthesis happens. Photosynthesis is a process where radiant energy is used to turn carbon dioxide and water to turn into glucose and oxygen! Plants use sunlight for radiant energy which turns into chemical energy to make their own food (oxygen). By using this formula: 6CO2 + 6H2O -> C6H12O6 + 6O2 plants give off oxygen. In this formula there is two parts to it, the reactants and the product. The reactants react to make the product and the product is the result of the reactants. In the formula everything before the arrow including the arrow (carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight) are the reactants and everything after that (glucose and oxygen) are the products. With this you can easily understand that to make glucose and water you have to add carbon dioxide and sunlight and that's the process of photosythesis. Plants do get their energy from the sun, which is why it is so important and like I said before, all of this happens in the cholorplast. Th cholorplast is a very important function since it is where all of this (photosynthesis) happens!

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Why is Photosynthesis Important?

Without photosythesis, so many things will happen! No plants will be alive since they can't make their own food through photosythesis. Which can also cause to have filthy air that's not healthy to breath in! It will most importantly decrease the population on earth (including animals). Animals and humans depend on plants for so many things, such as eating. Vgetarians and herbivores will be affected immediately since they are the ones that mostly depend on it. They need plants to eat since they don't eat meat. Another important situation is that enviorments won't recover from natural disasters. In secondary succession, plants are the pioneer species and if there are no plants because of photosythesis the enviroment won't recover. I do think that the population will decrease and a lot will change without photosythesis.


If everyone plants at least on plant in their backyard/ yard we can easily make the world greener bit by bit!

What do you say? Plant to Give!