Guided Reading Resources

Fountas & Pinnell

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Behaviors and Suggested teaching points for levels in F&P

These are located for each level in Eduphoria under the Curriculum Documents tab.

Guided Reading Lesson For Reading Levels A-J

1. Students read familiar book (3 minutes)

§ Texts from individual reading box

§ Text from previous guided reading lesson

§ All students read same text, partner read, individuals read

§ Should sound easy and fluent

2. Teach/Review a Reading Strategy (2 minutes)

§ Teachers should be using the strategy posters or bookmarks

§ New strategy should be demonstrated

3. Introduce the new book (5 minutes)

§ New book each time the group meets

§ Teacher tells the gist of the story

§ Teacher and students take a “picture walk” and talk about the ideas and vocabulary

4. Children read new text simultaneously, not chorally (10 minutes)

§ Could be reading at a table or on the floor

§ Teacher should listen in to individual students read a part of the text, prompt students when they get stuck, and praise strategy use

5. Teacher gathers students together to discuss the text, then make a teaching point or teach a skill

§ Discuss the story-talk about the meaning of the text, re: “Who thought the main character made a good decision? Why?”

§ Comment on strategy use, re: “I noticed when John got stuck, he reread the sentence.”

§ Teach a phonics or spelling skill: use magnetic letters, dry-erase board, etc. to show students the concept, then invite students to practice.

6. Provide opportunities to reread the text

§ Choral read with the teacher whole or part of the text

§ Buddy-read at the table

§ Find someone else in the class to read the text

§ Text goes home

§ Text comes back to school and is put in browsing box or reading box for at least a week for rereading

Optional Activities:

§ Sight word practice with dry-erase boards

§ Cut-up sentence

§ Writing a sentence in writing book

§ Word Work