No Teacher and Students on Facebook

No student should be friends with teachers on Facebook

Why should teachers not be friends with students on facebook

Teachers could potentially creep out students

Students do not like sharing their personal life with teachers. Facebook could lead to teachers stalking their prey (students) and find out about the student's life without asking. Teachers could also treat other students "better" because they know more about the student and are closer to them than other students. This would lead to unfairness and favoring to students. Students should be provided with a fair chance to learn and earn feedback at school. Not be judged by teachers by Facebook.


My Opinion

Teachers Should Not be Friends with Students on Facebook

When teachers and students are friends on Facebook, it is just strange. If a teacher would friend me on Facebook, I would be terrified of that teacher. Facebook gives out a lot of things about you, and it might have information about you that you might not want teachers to know because it would be strange if they knew. Also, teachers may build stronger relationship with a certain student, which could lead to unfair grading and teaching for other students. Last, teachers could also stalk you and be like Jerry Sandusky. Facebook may be public, but you still have the right to have privacy on the world famous social network.