TEXAS trippytripish TRIP!

By Patrick Parker (Toungtwisting isn't it?)

Cities that I'd visit! :)

__Gulf costal plains: Austin, and Corpus Cristi____Central Plains: Abiline, Fredricksburg__The Great Plains: Amirillo Lubbock__Mountains and Basins: El Paso, Fort Stockton__


I'd go to Austin because it is the capital. Also I'd go to the capital building, because it is a Texas icon, because A lot of the city council is there. The capital building has been there since 1888.

There is also a bunch of great restaurants there. one place I'd go is Franklins BBQ because they have the best BBQ in the world, according to "man V.S. food." This is a great cultural place because you can't get more texas than BBQ.

My dad told me about this cool place called the oasis on lake Travis. Its a restaurant by a very pretty lake. The OASIS started as an idea Beau Theriot had for a great restaurant on a hill. Back in 1979, Beau decided to buy a beautiful 500 acre plot of land, which contained only a ranch house on it, along the shoreline of Lake Travis. hten he transformed it into a resurant.

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Corpus Christi

I'd got to Corpus Christi because I could go I the ocean. walk on the beach with my dog, because it is really funny to watch him bounce around in the sand. Also I could go scuba diving in the gulf. I've tried scuba diving before, but there wasn't any scenery, it was just fun to be able to breath under water. I'd also go to The Cultural Center is located in the twelve Victorian homes of Heritage Park. It operates in the 100-year-old Galván House, the national award-winning center that provides a variety of cultural programs throughout the year showcasing the artistic and cultural diversity of Corpus Christi and South Texas. The Cultural Center is available for private rentals. Facilities available include the Galván House, the courtyard, central plaza and the Lytton Memorial Rose Garden.
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Abilene-I'd go to Abilene to go visit the Abilene zoo. I've been to this zoo before and although it's not as big as some other zoos, the animals in it are very interesting. Then I'd go to the grace museum, to see all the art. The Grace Museum builds connections through new experiences in art, science and history within the evolving Texas story through exhibitions, programs and collections. But, the grace museum is very expensive. Also, I'd visit the Abilene state park. Because it is so beautiful with all the trees and lakes.
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Fredericksburg- I'd go to Fredericksburg because it would be very fun to pretend your in Germany for a day. I would love all the buildings and history there. I'd eat German food, and just sort of walk around. The other thing I'd see while I'm there is this amazingly huge granite rock, the native Americans nicknamed it 'The enchanted rock'. A historical site would be to look at all the architecture because of all the Germans who immigrated to Texas in the mid 1800s.

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Amarillo- The first thing I would do in Amarillo is go to Cadillac ranch. it's basically a bunch of Cadillacs that have been picked up from the junkyard and set in this place. And people have spray painted them and it's very cool. The second place I'd go is Palo Duro Canyon, because it is very pretty. The canyon is located approximately 20 miles southeast of Amarillo or 16 miles directly east of Canyon, Texas. Touted as the second deepest canyon in the United States, next to the Grand Canyon, Palo Duro Canyon offers spectacular views and numerous other activities. Hiking and biking are especially popular. There is also horse back riding and rappelling. Also, I'd go to the Don Harrington Discovery Center, because it looks interesting.
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First I'd go to is the national ranching heritage center. The National Ranching Heritage Center is dedicated to preserving and honoring this nation’s rich ranching history. The museum has a variety of artifacts that visitors can see and structures they can visit to help deepen their understanding and appreciation of ranching culture. In addition to the artifacts is a collection of artwork that also supports the mission and objectives of the national ranching heritage center. Also I think that the "cowboy" history of Texas is very cool an interesting. Another place I'd go is the grace museum. the artwork there is very Beautiful. And I like museums. YAY museums! also I'd go to Mackenzie park. Mackenzie Park is a large park in Lubbock that is home to the Joyland Amusement Park, picnic spots and more.
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El Paso

El paso- the first thing I would do when I got to El Paso is go to a Mexican restaurant. Mexican culture is very important to El paso, because most of El Paso's population is from Mexico. And and it tastes so good! I'd also like to go to Franklin Mountains State Park. It would be fun to go there because I like hiking and I saw a review saying that it is very beautiful. it is a very important natural site because it is a state park. The Historical site I'd go to is the Camino real. Originally built in 1912 and listed on the National Historical Register. The 80-year old Tiffany glass dome, once part of the hotel's lobby, is now the showcase of the elegant Dome Bar. The hotel has hosted such guests as Pancho Villa, President Taft, and "Blackjack Pershing".
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Fort Stockton

Fort Stockton- One of the first things that I would do in Fort Stockton is go to the

Annie Riggs Memorial Museum. This is a place where you can look at the rich history of Fort Stockton and Texas in General. Housed in an original adobe structure with territorial architecture built at the turn of the 20th century, the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum was originally a hotel and boarding house run by a frontier woman of the same name, the museum is still in the house. Another place I'd go is Big Bend national park. The reason why is because it reminds me of old cowboy movies. It gives you that real "wild west" vibe. I'd also go to the infamous B's diner. My dad loves cooking, but especially burgers. He has had So many burgers, he's probably had almost all of the Famous hamburgers in america. But, the best out of all was the B's diner burger.

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