Normanhurst Public School

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Nutri Moist EL
25% OFF
$31.50 each + Free Nutri-Eyes Creme
15 ml
valued at $42 RRP
0409914137 or 9980 9202

Buy a Nutrimetics product 10% profit will go to Normanhurst Public School

Just think , 50 people each collect orders for only ten Nutri- moist moisturizing Creme means $1,575 for our school. So help collect orders from family, friends, neighbors, workmates, sporting team mates Or and anyone else can think of and EARN More $$$ for our school Fundraiser!
This fundraising effort is for a strictly limited time
Last day for orders is Sunday 31 August 2014

Contact Alice Ackerman on 0409914137 or email , go online to place orders for other products which will also earn extra $$$ for Normanhurst Public school or better still, why not organize a fun makeover workshop, Demonstration or Relaxation Beauty SPA . " TO EARN EVEN MORE !!!"