Come to the new world of minnesota

The land of lakes

see our wildlife and lakes

Minnesota is full of lovely people like our first territorial governor alexander ramsey.

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our first territorial govener Alexander Ramsey would love for you to come

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Your kids can learn from st.paul's fist teacher harriet bishop

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we have steamboats for travel.

This land is full of history such as indian tribes.

We call the people who live here minnesotans why not be a minnesotan too.

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One of the most important minnesotans is harriet bishop since she's st.pauls first teacher and she has started women's groups

My name is dakota oothoudt and I feel like there is no better home than minnesota since we have so many lakes and some of the best ways to travel such as steamboats

I have known minnesota from its infancy and have loved it -Harriet Bishop