Athena breaking news!

All about Athena and her!(Clara M. Natalie M. Sofia R.)


Athena breaking news! She was just born out of her father Zeus's forhead! The god of wisdom of war has been born at full size and as a teenager! Some of her family members are her mother Metis, father zeus and her brother Hephaestus plus many other siblings. One of her friends Perseus helped her conquer Medusa. Medusa has died and Athena has her discusting head. Some of her enemies or people she argues with include Posiedon and Medusa. She and Poseidon argue with each other because they fought over the city Athens and Athena won. She lives in Attica's capital city, Athens Because she won it from her father. (Which is what she is name after). Athena looks like a regular girl/goddess, with war clothes on.

Comparing and Contrasting Katniss Everdeen with Athena.

* They both know what it is like to be in war and kill people.

* Athena was in the past, Katniss is present/future.

* Katniss is an actress, Athena is a godess.

* They both have good fighting skills.

* Athena represents war and wisdom, but Katniss doesn't represent anything.

* They are both respectful people to look up to.

* Most famous people live in Hollywood, but most of gods/godesses live in Athens.

* They both had a parent that died.

* Katniss grew up in poverty.Athena had servants.

* They both had to deal with pressure while fighting.

* Katniss is stubborn and Athena is controlling but is willing to take in new ideas.

* Athena and Katniss are both respectable and good role models.

Interview with Athena

Me: Hey Athena how is life as a god going?

A: Good, I enjoy solving problems finding solutions.

Me: So you were born as a teenager was your brain as developed as a teenagers too?

A: Yes, I had to catch up a little but otherwise yes.

Me: We always see you in war clothes, is that what you always wear?

A: Yes, I do i think I should always be ready

Me: Your father is a very powerful god, do you ever feel you have a lot to live up to?

A: Sometimes I feel it is hard, but I think it makes me better.

Me: We know you killed Medusa, tell us more about that battle.

A: I wanted to get Medusa because she was turning innocent people into stone. So I tried many times to kill her. Then finally, I got help from Perseus and we finally killed her, together.

Me: so Athena where do you go home to these days?

A: I live in Attica's capital city Athens in which I am named after.

Me: You know that since you are a goddess you can do almost anything, do you ever feel you are too powerful?

A: No, I like to be powerful but use it in good ways.

Me: You know your father tried to kill you ( he didn't want anybody to conquer him) so do you ever feel unwanted by your father?

A: I would if i were a boy because he would want to kill me first, but most of the time i feel he loves me.

Me: We know about your fight with Arachne ( the god of spiders) , did you feel happy or proud when you turned her into a spider?

A: Well I thought I should teach her a lesson... or two.

Me: Is it sometimes hard to be a goddess and respectable all the time?

A: Yes it is hard because i had to go to war and I do have flaws.

Me: You have very many sibling does your father have any favorites

A: Yes, Me and my brother Hephaestus.

Me: Do you think that some of your other siblings are jelous of you?

A: Sometimes I feel that way because even I consider myself to be a favorite.

Me: Who is your role model?

A: To me, my best role model is my father, Zeus.

Me: What is the meanest thing you have ever done?

A: Oh, well that would be a verry long list . . .

Me: Do you ever get scared in battle?

A: No, because I am a goddess.

Me: Thank you for all the information about you.

By: Clara M., Natalie M., Sofia R.