Genetic Variation

By Makayla Gould

What is Genetic Variation?

Genetic Variation occurs mainly through DNA mutation. Gene alleles determine distinct traits that can be passed on from parents to offspring. During genetic variation the genes of organisms within the population change. Because ,any environments are unstable, populations that are genetically variable will be able to adapt to new situations better then those who are not.

Example #1 : Crossing Over

During the process of Meiosis, homologous chromosomes are paired together, and there are parts that can pair with other chromosomes when came in contact with it. When this happens one of the Genes alleles breaks off and crosses over to pair with the other gene.

Example #2: Independent Assortment

Independent Assortment is when the sister chromatids form a homologous pair. Then the chromosomes are pulled to opposite poles .

Example #3: Natural Selection

Natural Selection is the interactions between genetic variations in a population and the environment. The environment helps decide which of the variations will work together and which would not.