Move Your Wisdom!

Wake Up. Show Up. Speak Up. Stand Up.

Move Your Wisdom 2012

A Women's Soulful Action Community

Join Social Artist and Coach, Mary McHenry
for this transformational 6 month curriculum of action.

I am gathering a select group of women who are ready to be up to robust, meaningful changes in their lives, and I'm thinking of YOU.

In this small, powerful community of local women, we will :

  • Wake Up our strengths, resources and our sacred tasks
  • Show Up for the people and projects that are most meaningful to us
  • Speak Up and express ourselves with our most authentic and distinct voices
  • Stand Up and claim our vitality with our work, love, money and destiny

Together we will cultivate our unique and vital leadership qualities for these demanding times. Holistically. Mind, Body and Spirit.

Are you a woman who has a creative or entrepreneurial life, some sort of program to launch, change to initiate or book to write?

Maybe it's just that your life as you've known it has changed beyond recognition!

Have you heard yourself say "I REALLY want to _______, but I'm too ____ " ...
But you don't REALLY believe that?

It's time to
Move Your Wisdom Into Action

January - June, 2013

What You Will Take Away

  • Clarity on Exactly the Next Project or Endeavor for You
  • Manifestation of Your Deeply Meaningful Project or Endeavor
  • A Deeper Relationship with Your Authentic Presence
  • Awareness and Change Around Where and How Your Energy Leaks
  • Awareness of and Access to Your Energy Sources
  • The Support of a Committed Group of Local Women
  • Claiming of Your Strengths and What You Have to Offer
  • Embodiment of the Resources You'll Need to Take On Your Endeavor
  • Access to the Vitality of Living Awake
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Development of Your Confidence through Action
  • Connection with the People Your Are Meant to Serve
  • Be Fiercely Called to Show Up Fully

Your membership in this community includes:

6 One on One private sessions with Mary
to receive personal support to help you clarify and implement your action

Monthly gatherings with the entire group, one in person & one on the phone
to build community and harvest the wisdom and creativity of each other

2 weekend retreats in the mountains
to deepen community, develop your plan, practice embodying your vision and give it a voice (November and April)

Buddy Coaching

to give you a focused, ongoing, collaborative wisdom exchange

Jump In!

We begin our 6 months together in January with a private session and group session.
Our first retreat will also be in January or February.

Your investment for the launch of this sacred project community is
  • 6 payments of $497 spread over 6 months,
  • or save $482 by making one single payment of $2500.

Reach Out!

Contact me for a conversation and application!
I can't wait to see you show up!

Schedule a phone conversation with me here:

Where and When

Private Sessions
We will schedule these 90 minutes sessions together as soon as you register, and we'll meet either in person or on the phone.

Monthly Gatherings
We'll come together once a month in Boulder in the months that we don't have a retreat.
Please let me know when would be best for you? (Cut and paste this into an email)
  • A Monday or Thursday evening 6-9
  • A Saturday morning 10-1
  • None of the above, but this would _________________


We will gather at the beautiful Syzygy House in the mountains outside of Boulder.

Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon.

The Move Your Wisdom Cirriculum

Wake Up

Month 1
You will be:
  • Clarifying and clearing
  • Mapping how your vital energy goes out and comes in
  • Noticing how your patterns are showing up in your body
  • Paying attention to your voice
  • Getting out of your head & into your flow

Which will give you:
  • Clarity about the project you are going to do
  • The space to make it happen
  • A group of connected women to support you
  • Energy around getting your endeavor into action

Month 2
You will be:
  • Practicing authenticity and presence
  • Committing to honesty
  • Noticing where you are in any habit trances
  • Harvesting skills and strengths within yourself and the group

Which will give you:
  • Recognition of the skills and resources you have
  • Access to the resources of the group and the skills to share them
  • Action steps for the skills and resources you need to develop

Show Up

Month 3

You will be:
  • Embodying your strengths
  • Gaining clarity about how you are currently showing up
  • Recognizing where and how to show up in order to make your project happen
  • Setting your skills into motion

Which will give you:
  • The confidence that your project is possible
  • Authentic empowerment
  • The satisfaction of taking high payoff actions

This is where the rubber meets the road!

Speak Up

Month 4

You will be:
  • Ready to take leadership
  • Practicing presentations
  • Telling the world
  • Speaking up for yourself
  • Pitching your project
  • Asking for what you want -- Have you asked?
  • Renegotiating outdated agreements
  • Setting boundaries that serve you
  • Practicing with each other
  • Knowing you are meant for more

Which will give you:
  • Knowledge of how, where and with whom this project can go forward
  • Deepening awareness of how your endeavor wants to show up in the world
  • Clarity about who you are serving
  • An up-leveling of your confidence
  • The energy of kicking the whole thing up a notch!

Stand Up

Month 5

You will be:
  • Continuing to embody your strengths and have a voice
  • Creating/Presenting/Doing/Offering
  • Receiving the strong support of the group around you as you do it

Which will give you:
  • The opportunity to be doing what you deeply want to be doing with the support of real people
  • The vitality of being in action
  • Deep meaning, growth and gratitude
  • The satisfaction of leading from your authentic self in front of other people

Month 6
You will be:
  • Setting sail
  • Celebrating
  • Witnessing and participating in each person’s commitment to move forward
  • Acknowledging the support you need from here on out

Which will give you:
  • Completion
  • Real support
  • Deep enduring satisfaction that you manifested your meaningful project

Stand Up!

Contact me if this calls to you!

Schedule a phone conversation with me here: