Music The Cause To Hearing Loss

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, January 7, 2016

By: Savannah Reese

Have you ever had someone tell you your music is too loud?

If someone told you that you are most likely hurting your ears.

Almost everyone is in danger when it comes to listening to music too loud.

Once you start losing your hearing it will most likely never come back.

According to WHO, 50% of people who lose their hearing comes from headphones

and 40% are from any other loud entertainment systems or events.

When going to concerts or being in a car listening to music very loud,

you should only be listening to it for about 15 minutes.

Most people listen to music that is too dangerous for their ears on a daily basis.

Different types of hearing loss can occur from listening to music too loudly.

Some symptoms are ringing ears, sensitive to everything they hear, and bleeding ears.

Even being around in the city and hearing the city traffic is unsafe for a long period of time.

City noise is about 85 decibels in a car and, for people who are outside a car walking around, it's just as loud. (CNN) There is natural hearing loss that can’t be prevented, such as aging or disease, but noise levels can be prevented by turning down your music and taking care of your ears. Overall it is up to each person to decide how they want to treat their ears. The highest you should ever go on your music is 60%, take breaks throughout the day and only listen to music for about 30 minutes to an hour a day. If you are a concert person or you like to go to venues a lot, you could try investing in earplugs.